Pinboards & Wall Organizers

Keep your office functioning like clockwork with a few pinboards and wall organizers. These handy gadgets don’t take up very much space and work well when you need a place to store smaller items. The pinboards and wall organizers also double as decorative pieces that complement the furniture and set up of your office. A couple of our wall organizers even come with a wall mirror so that you are able to check your look before running out the door.

You’ll love the features of our west elm wall organizers as well as the many different available styles. The mid-century look is an excellent choice for those who have a love of history while the marble pieces are best for anyone who desires a modern design. If you have an industrial theme going, then you’ll want to stick with the wire mesh pieces. Of course, the white metal units with wood accents look great in any office and match any color scheme. These pieces look great when mounted near one of our bookcases or storage shelves. Together, the wall organizers and bookcases make your office neat and tidy in order to get right to work.

In addition to the available styles, you’ll find the pinboards and wall organizers have some pretty amazing benefits. First, the pieces don’t require much maintenance and are dusted or wiped down easily with a little soap and water. A quick spray of glass cleaner keeps the units with mirrors nice and shiny, and chances are you’ll only need to do this once or twice a month. Second, you’ll be able to reach for the items being held in your wall organizer when you need them by simply rolling over to them in your office chair with wheels.

When it comes to uses, the pinboards and wall organizers provide assistance from the moment you enter your office until the second you leave. Use the deco marble multihook to hang your umbrella for a rainy day, or place your briefcase or overcoat on it when they are not needed. The wire mesh wall organizer is best utilized to stack extra printer paper and to hold your day planner so that you are always aware of important appointments. You don’t have to hang the wire mesh organizer if you don’t want to. It also fits nicely on any office desk.

There are multiple choices when it comes to which pinboards and wall organizers would work best for your office or other space. When it comes to the hooks, our sculptural hook and deco marble multi-hook have four available hooks and aren’t too long. They are ideal for tiny rooms and installable on the back of your door. If size is not an issue, you’ll get more use out of the mid-century multihook and our geo multihook. The mirrored pieces come in both vertical and horizontal, which means you won’t have any trouble placing them alongside or over your other office furniture.

As you use these pinboards and wall organizers to finish upgrading your room, you’ll be extremely pleased with the amount of office storage that they provide. The entryway mirror, for example, has eight hooks for organizing everything from belts to scarves. It also features a shelf that is ideal for displaying a small vase with fresh flowers, a family portrait or a famous painting. The sleek standing wire mesh storage shelving unit is another great piece that has the capability to store a great deal of office supplies. There are four shelves. Use one for extra printer ink and another to hold your electronic devices.