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Gone the days when shelves were just about keeping endless books or drab papers, today’s shelving focuses instead on exciting decor and style. west elm shelves and display surfaces feature distinctive contours and tones that give you countless design options. Feel free to get creative and play around a bit with your room layout. Display ledges are great because they let you customize a wall easily. You decide whether a space looks best with a single shelf or with two or three staggered diagonally. Everything from placement to the size of individual pieces is up to you. That makes it almost effortless to create your ideal living room with elements that emphasize your design vision. Our pieces accentuate classy lines as well as retro and minimalist styles.
Display ledges also give you space for other decorations. For a sophisticated appearance, use white shelving with vibrantly colored vases and botanicals. If you want to infuse a room with warmth, wood tones are a good choice. If chic is your preferred style, think outside the box with … a box. Square and rectangular display ledges are popular and look great. In an office, it’s generally a good idea to use wall shelving for decor and leave storage tasks to a file cabinet or a bookcase instead. That way, your space will have a positive atmosphere that makes working a lot more enjoyable.