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Wall Mirrors

Introducing wall mirrors from west elm’s extensive collection is a quick, easy and effective way to transform a space, adding depth and interest to make any room feel light, airy and expansive. With careful placement, it is possible to use a mirror as a focal point, or as a way of reflecting and enhancing other accents; and while any mirror is a powerful tool for controlling the interplay of light, a decorative mirror has the potential to set the tone for the whole room. A vintage mirror with a gilt or golden frame is a dazzling centerpiece that introduces a bold and glamorous tone, while using dark-framed mirrors is a way to keep a library or study luxurious and sophisticated. Large floor mirrors are a simple and practical solution for adding a vanity solution in a guest room, and they are easy to move around to meet your demands.
Each mirror should complement or enhance the surroundings, playing off existing forms and shapes to make aesthetically pleasant combinations. For example, an ornate mirror has the ability to add character to a small, minimalist room, while an arrangement of small mirrors transforms a plain wall into a gallery feature. With well-chosen wall decor and mirrors, you have an opportunity to transform any space in an elegant way, creating a warm and inviting environment filled with light and color.