Candles from west elm provide mood lighting in areas where you don’t necessarily need or desire a permanent glow from one of our gorgeous wall sconces or decorative lighting fixtures. Since lanterns and candles are portable for use throughout your indoor and outdoor living spaces, they are flexible and multi-functional lighting solutions. Scented candles and aroma diffusers also serve as motivational and soothing aids when placed in the home office, bathing area or bedroom. Diffusers placed on the entryway console or table give your home a fresh smell from the moment guests arrive and walk through your front door. Scented candles in laundry rooms and kitchens help get rid of persistent smells so you can work in a more pleasant space while odors dissipate. Choose flameless candles where small children or pets are present. Flameless candles are also great aids during power outages and they won’t ever melt away.
If you consider your candles to be a personal care item the way we do then you’ll love shopping our selection of personal candles that are perfect for use during bath time or when bracing yourself for another long work day. You’ll also find soaps and other treats for your bathing, relaxing and dressing moments. When displaying candles and diffusers in your entertaining and socializing zones get design inspiration from our collection of elegant or rustic table linens. Set your diffuser on a stylish woven placemat or create a bright candle arrangement on one of our table runners that work on dining tables, consoles and dresser tops too.