Soy Scented Candles

When creating ambience in a room, your brain takes into account more than what you can see with your eyes. True, mood lighting has a powerful effect on whether your home feels bright or cozy. However, your sense of smell is just as important in getting lost in the moment and bringing a distinctive theme to the fore. At west elm, we want to make it easy to customize your home. Our high-quality soy scented candles and diffusers help you put your personal touch on any room. Their well-defined notes give you a wonderful palette of scents and sensations with which to play around. There are a few ways you can use soy scented candles to make a lasting impression.

Candles and beauty spaces were made to go together. If you have an ensuite bath where you like to soak for a while and let your stress just melt away, candles and diffusers are a natural accompaniment. What’s the effect? Soft scents transport you to another destination, be it someplace exotic, rustic or fresh. The smell soothes your muscles.

What about the bedroom? Scented candles and diffusers serve a couple of different purposes here. Certain aromas help you to relax, which are wonderful to know since your bedroom is a haven where you can just be yourself. The gentle glow of candles makes you feel like falling asleep. Other scents are designed to invigorate you and give you a positive attitude throughout the day. There’s also the romantic: alluring and mysterious spices fit wonderfully with luxurious bedding, wall sconces and Parisian decor.

In the living room, the scents you choose are kind of like your calling card. Believe it or not, people unconsciously recall smells they love and attach them to fond memories. What does that mean? When someone visits your home, they remember its signature scents. Later, if they smell something similar, it will also bring them back to pleasant times spent with you. Plus, great aromas help visitors to feel comfortable.

What kind of scent is right for you? That depends on a couple of factors. One is the kind of ambience you’re seeking. Another is your personal preferences. How can you tell what you like? Your favorite cologne or perfume gives you some insight into your aromatic inclinations, such as spicy, sweet, woodsy or musky. Most scents fall into a few basic categories like floral, citrus, fruity, fall, herbal or fresh. Ask yourself what you want to feel when you walk into the room. For a beach-inspired vibe, fresh scents or fruity aromas are popular choices. Layering different scents is an artistic way to customize a room.

What’s the difference between soy scented candles and diffusers? They both offer aromas that are easy to perceive. Diffusers add scents to a room constantly, resulting in greater intensity. Candles are perfect when you want more control. You decide when to light them and release the fragrance. Both options double as colorful accent pieces in a room.