If your home has a fireplace, chances are that it’s one of the family’s favorite spots. The sensation of warmth that a fireplace provides goes beyond simple heat. It gives a room an inviting quality that draws people together. Whether just sipping a glass of wine and talking about the day’s activities, or laughing while playing a board game on the living room floor, a wood fire is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. At west elm, we provide accessories to enhance this special area of the home. That way you can enjoy the elegance of a traditional fireplace while giving it your personal touch. Don’t forget to choose an area rug for extra comfort. A mantle is a great place to showcase decorative objects. They offer color accents and artistic forms.
Make your fireplace stylish and modern with our Rings Fireplace collection. Solid black iron and sleek contours add a sense of chic to the space. Their simple lines harmonize well with virtually any paint color or layout, contrasting with white or complementing deeper tones. Matching collection pieces include a log holder for neat stacking, a fireplace screen, andirons and a fireplace tool set. Other styles allow you to imbue your home with a more rustic appearance thanks to strokes of leather and brass. Including a comfortable sectional intensifies this effect. All of our pieces are designed to be beautiful even when your fireplace is not in use. Impress your guests and enjoy its flair day or night.