Home Office

A neat and organized work space reduces stress levels when working and helps increase your productivity. At west elm, our home office and organization accessories put you in control of the clutter. Sort stacks of paper and office supplies into our letter trays, accessory trays, pen cups, tape dispensers and staplers that let you enjoy being able to easily find everything when you need it. Add an artistic touch to stacks of books be positioning them between decorative book ends, and make a fitting space for everything with our baskets, shelves, bookcases, cabinets, cubbies and hanging organizers that are suitable for storing scissors, note pads and other small items.

Let your organized desk harmonize with your room decor with desktop accessories made from a variety of materials, such as leather and brass for a classically styled den, concrete for an industrial themed room, mirrored to reflect the surroundings and catch the light or lacquered wood and plastic to add splashes of color. Your writing instruments are always handy when pencils and pens are stored in cups and trays. Magazine butlers and paper trays keep your reading material and documents handy, and matching small pieces like tape dispensers, staplers, display boxes and catch-all trays pull the look together.

Turn books into artistic displays when you stand them upright on your desk and place bookends round them. This style looks great on a desk, in a book case, on a freestanding shelving unit or on a wall shelf, and works equally well for a few books or a stack that includes many volumes. Look for solid pieces made from heavy materials, such as marble, metal or solid wood to make sure the ends will stay where you put them. Position a vase or sculpture alongside the book display to enhance the artistic appearance of your books

Tackle clutter when you use our baskets and bins to store small and medium sized things, like folders filled with documents, magazines or sewing patterns in your office without completely hiding them from view. Turn a bundle of firewood into a natural display. This lets you stay on top of your office organization without limiting your access to items you need for everyday use. Natural-toned woven baskets look at home in most contemporary decor schemes, and woven wire bins made from heavy wire blend in beautifully when placed in a room furnished with primitives, rustic decor, industrial furniture and lighting fixtures.

A good filing system is an important part of a well-run office, and our filing cabinets can help you get and stay organized when it comes to your documentation. Our parson’s cabinets for files hold a single row of files and are handy for small home offices and households with a minimal amount of paperwork to track. For a larger office or family with a lot of printed data to manage, our lateral filing cabinets hold two rows of files and the wide top makes a convenient spot to place a lamp or display of vases and botanicals.

Perfectly manage even the smallest of details, and your office supplies, with our hanging organizers. Mount pinboards and wall organizers behind your desk or near the door to keep track of notes about appointments, shopping lists and even your keys and hat. For larger things or large quantities of small stuff, set up freestanding shelves and bookcases and use baskets and bins to catch and hold small items so you can find them when needed. Choose a shelf with a drawer or doors covering part of it to maintain some extra privacy or to keep things away from little ones, or choose a bookcase with open cubbyholes for an inviting, openness that suits almost any home office.