Hooks and Knobs

Home organization is an important part of running a smooth home, but shouldn’t it be a little fun too? At west elm, we think combining function and style is the ideal answer to home organization. This is why our hooks and knobs will never be boring and unimaginative. On the contrary, you can expect to feel excited and invigorated when you choose these pieces for your rooms. Whether you’re solving storage issues in your bedrooms, kitchen, living areas or entryway, we have hooks and knobs that will bring order to your home in a beautiful way.

Taking your organization up to the vertical surfaces is a winning way to increase your storage options exponentially. Rows of hooks on the walls will give your family suitable space for hanging outerwear, purses, backpacks and more. Not only are these hooks strong and durable, but they also add a distinctive decorating touch to any space as well. They easily coordinate with your other room accessories, such as decorative objects and sculptures. Whether you are creating an upscale or eclectic feel in your rooms, hooks and knobs will fit right in effortlessly.

Imagine instituting beautiful order in your entryway when you add a few hook and knobs to the walls. Position a row of hooks on the wall above benches in this space to create a spot for your family members to take off their shoes and hang up their coats when they come home. Many benches even feature interior storage with roomy compartments inside where you can stow away other essentials to keep them handy.

Hooks and knobs also work beautifully with media consoles and media cabinets in your living areas. You can solve the eternal issue of storage in a beautiful way when you combine a low media console table with a row of hooks above it. Mixing and matching these pieces is always a breeze, thanks to their compatible styling and clean features.

When you’re solving storage issues in the bathroom, hook and knobs can come to the rescue. Mount a hook on the wall for each family member to hold towels or robes. Hooks and knobs also work beautifully with shelving as you accessorize your bathroom space. Floating shelves can hold beautiful decor and art, or they could also be functional to keep towels and toiletries conveniently accessible.

Hooks and knobs are right at home in the kitchen as well. A family with a busy back door leading out of the kitchen will need a spot for everyone to hang their coats. You might also consider adding some storage items to this area to contain the clutter. Perhaps bar carts and storage would be the perfect solution for your family. Many pieces even have wheels, so you can move them where you need them as the situation arises.

In the home office, you may also need to institute a working organizational system. Hooks and knobs on the walls of this space could be an effective solution for you. Working cohesively with your other office storage pieces, you’re sure to enjoy having a spot for everything. Whether you choose tall and narrow towers or low console bookshelves, these pieces are large enough to accommodate an extensive book collection or a generous assortment of media components.

Whether your room decor is formal and elegant or more laid-back in nature, you’ll find hooks and knobs to complement your style. Once installed, you can look forward to easy storage solutions that family members will use daily. Your rooms can stay neat and orderly, and you can enjoy the distinctive appeal of these wall hooks.