Do not get hung up on organizing your home; with hooks and hangers from west elm’s selection of hardware, it is possible to create a comfortable, neat living space with a perfect place for everything. While hooks are a functional item, and in many cases coats and hats hide them from view, finding accessories that are in keeping with the tone of the house creates a uniformed and consistent style. For an industrial vibe that is well-suited to loft apartments and converted warehouses, distressed hooks crafted from old pipes are a fun option; while a chrome hook rail with a clean, efficient design is ideal for a modern home or minimalist living space.
Coat hooks and stands are some of the easiest ways to bring organization to an entryway, and when you combine the hooks with a mirror and umbrella stand, you create a welcoming room where guests have the opportunity to shed their outside clothes, and check their makeup and hair. However, hooks have many other uses throughout the home. A row of white hooks, or a garment rack, makes laundry less of a chore, as you have a convenient way to sort and hang your clothing and linen; and some heavy-duty hangers in the garage or workshop keep power tools out of the reach of young children. However you introduce organizational aids into your home, with the right choice of hooks, hangers, stands and boxes, you create a neat and efficient space where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place.