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Jewelry + Display Boxes

From family heirloom diamond solitaire stud earrings to the costume necklace that won your heart at a craft fair, your jewelry is a part of your story. Whether it’s valuable and treasured, inexpensive but beloved, or some combination of the two, your jewelry collection deserves special storage and care. It makes sense to be gentle with your collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, and west elm’s selection of jewelry boxes & trays provide a stylish vessel to store, display and protect each item. From decorative trays to lidded boxes and stands from which bracelets and necklaces can hang, our jewelry organization selections let you not only store your treasures but also incorporate them into your room’s decor scheme.

Location can be key when it comes to your jewelry storage. Do you prefer to keep your jewelry in the bathroom, where you can have plenty of light and reflective surface area to really analyze the pieces you put on? Is your bedroom the better spot for you to keep it all so you can easily pair pieces with items from your closet or dresser? Wherever you choose to keep your jewelry boxes & trays, be mindful of convenience. You may even want to pick up an extra tray or box to keep by your kitchen sink or on your coffee table if you are in the habit of removing rings before cooking or taking off your earrings at the end of a long day.

Appropriate storage makes it harder to misplace jewelry, and it also helps prevent scratches and other small points of damage that can add up over time. With our stylish options, your jewelry storage will look fantastic no matter where you decide to put it. From the bedroom to your home office, having a small tray or box to stash your bling lets you show your sparkliest accessories the respect and care they deserve.

Our jewelry boxes & trays are available in a wide range of styles, including many that are so stylish that they can fit in easily with vignettes of objects d’art on bookshelves and tables. Choose from glamorous mirrored surfaces, luxurious metallic lacquer, colorfully glazed ceramic and sturdy, warm wood. Our boxes and trays may be in simple geometric shapes with clean, minimal lines or can take on a representational form that depicts botanical elements or stylized animals. With so many options available, it’s easy to find something that suits your personal style and enhances the decor around it.

If you have a large jewelry collection that you’re particularly proud of, consider dedicating a small area to the showcase and care of your treasured pieces. Group jewelry together by type, designer, gemstone, metal color or occasion. If you live in a small space, take advantage of vertical storage opportunities by creating a special shelving area where you can showcase multiple different jewelry boxes & trays. If space is at a precious premium, consider opting for wall-mounted jewelry storage pieces that require very little space to frame and contain your jewelry.

From luxe glam to classic wood and even some handmade ceramic options for a charmingly rustic feel, our jewelry boxes & trays are available in a variety of different styles. Choose a single style that works best for you or create a daring mix of colors, textures and shapes that reflect how varied and beautiful your jewelry collection is. Many of our jewelry storage options make excellent gifts on their own or to accompany a piece of jewelry for a special someone. Our range of style options let you find the perfect piece for any style, whether your loved one prefers sleek and simple or richly ornate decor.

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