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Lanterns + Candleholders

It’s time to update your mood lighting with your choice of modern pieces from the lantern and candleholder collection at west elm. Show your cozy or inviting side with basic candles placed in our decorative candleholders that are crafted in interesting and fresh new designs for contemporary living. Some hurricane-style lanterns double as vases or candleholders, giving them extra functionality. Lanterns and candleholders are available in clear glass, colored glass, wood, metal, pierced porcelain and other materials that are sized to hold any of our pedestal, votive or taper candles. Light one or a set of candles wherever you need a little glow and a bit of personal style to shine through.

Display an artistic set of tealight candle holders to add more light without taking up a great deal of table space. An arrangement of different-sized lanterns in the same style looks fabulous on the entryway table during a party or cocktail hour. Guests are greeted with an inviting view as soon as you open the door to welcome them. Use lanterns or candleholders with battery-operated flameless candles in your entryway or foyer as pretty nightlights. The safe flameless candles are one way to provide dim lighting to navigate by after dark without turning on glaring overhead lights. You can set the timer to turn flameless candles off after everyone has gone to bed.

Turn your coffee table into a sophisticated, romantic oasis with a matched grouping of lanterns or candleholders. We also offer candle centerpieces that make stunning coffee-table displays. Candles give off a soft glow when you’re socializing and when you’re enjoying a quiet evening all by yourself. Shop for coffee table lanterns and candleholders that mesh with the decor you’re creating in your home. Go for pieces in a reimagined retro style or a modern stone look to accent your contemporary or vintage living room and great room furnishings.

Decorative lanterns and candleholders in sculpted and pillar styles are warm enhancements for the bookcase in your office, library or study. Use a rounded or oblong shape on a bookshelf to break up the straight lines made by rows of book spines. Choose sets of matching or coordinating lanterns and candleholders to fill in empty shelf spaces or to complete a decorative bookcase arrangement of sculpture or potted plants. Use battery-operated flameless candles on the bookshelves, so you never worry about open flames around your favorite volumes of literary works.

Express your personal style at your next dinner party with your favorite lanterns and candleholders. Use a candle centerpiece or a row of tall taper candles in the middle of the dining table to create a memorable and intimate dinner setting for your guests. Tuck a crystal or metal taper holder in an arrangement of flowers for a fragrant centerpiece, or use a pedestal candle flanked by greenery to create an outdoor feel to the dining space. If your decor is a minimalist white and gray, use cobalt or Mediterranean blue hurricane lanterns on the table to add a pop of color while you and your visitors enjoy the delicious menu you’ve prepared.

Lanterns and candleholders are indispensable during your nighttime outdoor events. If you don’t have adequate lighting around your outdoor tables, standard wax or flameless candles are a beautiful solution. Use any of our candleholders under a covered patio or outdoor kitchen area to lend a magical twinkle to your outdoor gatherings. Tealight and votive candleholders are warm accents in outdoor lounge areas as well. Shop our collection of lanterns and candleholders that coordinate with our other quality home furnishings for the living room, dining room, bedroom and more. Our modern candle and candleholder designs let you enhance your home with creative grace and impeccable personal style.