Laundry Organization and Storage

Keeping your home tidy has many benefits that go beyond staying healthy. A clean home is good for you mentally and emotionally too. For one thing, organized spaces feel relaxing and bright. Waking up in the morning in a neat room puts a smile on your face and gives you a positive attitude. Less stress, better concentration and improved productivity are a few other major pluses. At west elm, we know clean spaces make you happy. We also understand that your schedule includes other activities that are just as important. How can you balance the things you care about? Organization tools are a big help. They cut down the amount of time needed for cleaning so that you can dedicate it to family, friends or a personal project. Our laundry organization and storage pieces, for example, make everything related with laundry day a breeze.

One idea is to plan your laundry schedule. Why is that helpful? It gives you something to shoot for each day and breaks tasks down into smaller portions. Everyone’s take on laundry is a little different. Some people prefer to do most of their washing one day of the week while others like to do smaller loads every day. The important thing is to go with a schedule that feels comfortable for you and fits your lifestyle. Either way, setting intermediate goals gives you a sense of satisfaction as you achieve them.

If your family includes several children, chances are that your home’s dirty laundry is spread out between a few different rooms. There’s nothing wrong with asking kids to pitch in and carry their clothes to the laundry room; it means less work for you. Another way to reduce the time needed to gather everyone’s clothes is to use a canvas laundry truck. It’s a handy cart on four casters that wheels effortless down the hall and from room to room. That means zero weight for your back and a single trip straight to the laundry room. You can sort clothes later in the laundry room, or use two square canvas trucks for separating on the spot.

Looking for a way to help you family stay organized every day? That’s smart because it takes less time to put things in their place right away than to clean them up afterward. Of course, sometimes you feel like taking a warm bath and relaxing after coming home from work, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You deserve to take good care of yourself, and part of that is setting aside time for rest, reading and fun. Plus, since doing laundry is so easy with organization pieces, you have lots of spare time anyway.

One way to encourage family members to pick up dirty laundry from the bedroom or bathroom floor is to use baskets conveniently placed in the room. It only takes seconds to toss clothes inside when changing into a new outfit. The result is a bedroom where it’s easier to find homework or important business documents. It feels more spacious, giving you the freedom to move around with ease. Baskets fit easily into a corner or inside your closet.

The practical side of things isn’t the only thing you take into account. You also care about style and decor. When picking out baskets and organization tools, look for something that fits your personality or your home’s theme. There are many possibilities, including coastal designs, a nature-inspired ambience or elements of Morocco. Woven baskets come in many shapes and colors.

Besides taking care of dirty laundry, baskets can also help organize clean clothes, towels, bedding and throws. They hold just about anything, white keeping the contents hidden from view. In a laundry room, you can have a full complement of stain-removing products and other similar items neatly concealed in a natural basket. They slide effortlessly in and out of cabinets. Where else can you place baskets? For a chic French bath, place a braided basket filled with rolled towels above a shelf, countertop or on a console table.

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