In the past, monograms were synonymous with prestige and wealth. And, let’s face it, we all like to show off a bit from time to time. Today, adding a monogram to personal items has less to do with social status and is more of an expression of our identity. Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel are just a few people whose brands are easily recognized thanks to a distinctive monogram. There is no more definite way to customize your home than by placing your own initials throughout. At west elm, we can help you to leave your mark on the world around you with The Monogram Shop. Wake up with a touch of extra confidence and swagger in your step thanks to personalized pillows or bedding. And don’t forget to decorate spaces with your favorite art prints or photography.
Let everyone know who you are when you walk down the street with monogrammed fashion accessories. Our totes add color to your look and make a definite statement. As a couple, adding a monogram can be entertaining and more than a little romantic. Don’t worry about using a traditional format if you don’t feel like it. A lot of famous couples opt for a more modern style. Or, if you’re feeling especially playful, give objects a humorous touch with words like Mr., Mrs., and more. Bath towels are a great item to monogram, and make excellent gifts as well.