Patterned Throw Pillows

Patterned throw pillows are a fabulous and easy way to accessorize the decor in any room in your home. Whether you are decorating a room from scratch or redoing a room, a few pillows can make a huge difference. Pillows can rest on individual pieces of furniture, in a window seat or lining the floor in front of a fireplace hearth. Experiment with various fabrics and prints to find what works best in each room.

Hand-knotted, pom-poms, macramé and pleated pillows add texture and depth to a cozy den sofa or loveseat. A pillow placed at each end and in the middle of the sofa will make seating more comfortable while creating an area for conversations and watching movies with friends. The shape of lumbar pillows supports the lower back and adds some contrast to the sofa.

More stately pillows, like distressed velvet, silk floral designs and beaded sequins make an elegant presence in a living room. Place a few in chairs around the room. When you’re ready to curl up with a good book or relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of the day, the pillows will be a welcome comfort.

The appearance of master and guest beds will benefit from clusters of pillows. Mix and match patterns with coordinating colors to add dimension to the duvet cover or comforter. Medallion embroidered pillows blend well with bold stripes and contemporary prints. Many of the pillows resemble classic or contemporary paintings. They become a focal point in the room to complement a monochromatic decor. Choose different pillow sizes for variation on the bedding.

Jazz up kitchen and dining room seating with filigree pillows, mosaic prints or tapestry patterns. Emphasize the kitchen or dining room’s accent colors by using pillows that will blend into the motif. Dining chairs will look and feel good with a throw pillow resting on the back of the chair. Guests and family will enjoy dinner time with ease and will most likely linger through dessert in cushy seats.

It’s essential to have a throw pillow in a desk chair. Hours of computer time, making phone calls and analyzing business details will be much simpler if you’re comfy while you work. Decorative patterns will make an office more visually inviting too. Select from soothing, soft colors and subtle tones to bright prints that create a wow factor. You can create the aura you need to be the most productive.

For your outdoor living areas, use outdoor pillows made with materials that can withstand the elements to last longer. Beautiful designs allow your patio, deck, balcony or porch to feel more like a room. Put pillows on outdoor furniture to complement and accessorize a chaise lounge, sofa or an Adirondack chair. You’ll be tempted to take an afternoon siesta when the sun shines in just right. By creating a roomy vibe outside, you’ll also add a super entertaining space. It’s almost like you are extending your square footage when you have a livable, attractive outdoor area. With a few fans and space heaters, you can use it almost year round.

Throw pillows are such a decorating secret. Just a few will go a long way. Explore options and step out of the box with patterns and prints to make a room pop. We have a large assortment of stunning pillows at west elm with traditional, modern and eclectic styles. Gypsy tassels and space-dyed colors create a hippy expression. Abstract and billowy patterns have personality and are very artsy. Or go for cheerful dots and vibrant color block pillows. Be as creative as you want for a personal touch.