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Pillow Inserts

Decorative pillows are among the most versatile pieces of decor available. They have the ability to instantly transform the mood of a room. For example, adding monochromatic light blue pillows to a space immediately adds a sense of calm. Throw in some bright red and yellow printed pillows and you’ve instantly injected energy into the space. A black pillow with white monogrammed letters provides an air of sophistication.

Buying high-quality durable pillow inserts is an excellent way to make a high-impact statement with minimal effort, as you can simply change the pillow cover to transform the entire room. Selecting eco-friendly, down alternative pillows from west elm ensures that you are helping the earth as well as any allergies. Choosing pillows that are machine washable promises ease of cleaning.

Like colors and patterns, the size and shape of a pillow effects the mood of the room. Pillow inserts that are large and square tend to offer a more casual appearance, as these are the pillows you most often want to snuggle into. Likewise, large round pillow inserts also lend a more casual look. A smaller rectangular pillow insert gives the room a more decorative feel.

Combining various styles of pillows or pillow covers adds visual interest to the space and provides it a lived-in look. To most easily mix and match pillows, ensure they all contain one unifying theme. For example, consider selecting a variety of different size pillow inserts and then selecting pillow covers that all contain one common color. The commonality in the color provides a sense of unity, while the varying sizes and textures offer variety. Alternatively, you might choose a variety of pastel-colored pillow covers that contain various geometric shapes. Another great option is to select pillow covers that are made from the same fabric but complement each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue.

Selecting pillow inserts and pillow covers that complement the artwork in the room pulls the space together. For example, artwork featuring brightly colored pink roses placed against a backdrop of classic newspaper scrolls pairs beautifully with either pink pillows, antique white and black pillows or any combination of these colors. Combining decorative pillows with a throw blanket adds a sense of comfort to a sofa that calls you to curl up with a good book. Like decorative pillows, candles are highly versatile pieces of decor. Pairing some decorative pillows in a space with a few strategically placed hurricane candles in hurricane lanterns adds a calming ambience to the room.

Like colors and shapes, fabrics also change the mood of the room. Pillow cases that provide a metallic shine give a sense of formality and polish to the space. Faux fur pillow covers add a feeling of opulence and sumptuousness. Alternatively, wool looped pillow covers offer a sense of casualness that tempts you to pull the pillow close and lie down for a restful nap.