Solid Color Pillows

When you’re creating a room design that you want to be both comfortable and inviting, using decorative pillows often does the trick. With the time and energy that you put into placing the right furnishings and decorative accents throughout the room, you want throw pillows that will not take away from any of the focal points in the space. Choosing solid color pillows prevents any visual confusion while adding those subtle pops of color and flair to your room design. At west elm, we are pleased to provide you with a wide range of decorative solid color pillows that enhance your room design to perfection.

Arranging throw pillows on love seats and sofas in your living room softens up the room’s look and feel. Opting for our upholstered pillow covers ensures that the pillows hold up even when used often. The thicker upholstered pillow materials won’t break down and are more resistant to stains. Aside from the beauty that the solid color pillows add when placed on love seats, sofas or armchairs, the pillows do promote better neck and back support while relaxing away the stresses of the day or while chatting with friends or family. Selecting decorative solid color pillows with a textured design or added features, such as corner tassels and edge fringing, creates detailing that is welcome and at home when placed on neutral furnishings.

Brightening up your bedroom is easy with the use of the decorative pillows we have available in solid colors too. When the bedding you have selected for your bed features printed designs, using the solid colors in complementary tones ensures that your bedding design gets due recognition. Choosing solid color pillows that have intricately stitched detailing creates a delicate look within your bedroom. The hand-stitched detailing is ideal for adding classic charm and a delicate touch to your room design. The extra pillows are just what you need on those days you just feel like lounging around your bedroom or cuddling up with the kids.

You are likely seeing more futons and daybeds in homes, offices and college dorms than ever before. Using decorative pillows to dress up the futons and daybeds has many benefits. When working with furnishings that have a neutral fabric design, opting for decorative solid color pillows in bright hues brings the furniture to life. The decorative pillows are easy to work with as there is additional storage space needed when the beds are not being used. Simply arranging the pillows on the futon or daybed offers a decorative touch to the room that everyone can enjoy.

With the ability to pair our solid color pillow covers with pillow inserts you are in total control of the comfort the pillows offer. With the pillow inserts available in our bedding collection you have access to a variety of sizes, shapes and fills to meet your needs. Our down alternative pillow inserts are made from resilient polyester fill that is hypoallergenic. Choosing our feather pillow inserts gives you access to 100 percent feather filling that meets the softness factor you are seeking. The pillow inserts feature a pure cotton shell that meets the Freshness Assured™ requirements for being eco-friendly and offering hypoallergenic comfort.

All of the solid color pillow covers found within our pillow and throw collections are machine-washable on a casual wash cycle. Placing the pillow covers in the dryer on a low heat setting gives you a soft, fresh pillow covering again in no time. For the scent of fresh air, you can hang the pillow covers outdoors to dry without the concern of the pillow cover stretching or becoming misshapen.