Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are among the most versatile sheets to have in your bedroom, den, living room and any place in your home with inviting and comfortable furniture where one can relax and while away the time. These large swaths of fabric are very useful both as part of a room’s decor like throw pillows and as a cozy cover where you can snuggle under for extra warmth. On a chilly day, you can even wrap yourself in a throw blanket and take it from room to room. You can also enjoy covering up in throw blankets with lighter fabrics just to get that feeling of homey bliss.

Much like other offerings from west elm, we have a wide range of throw blankets to choose from in terms of color, design, style, pattern, material and size to suit your taste and to complement your existing decor. Along with your window treatments in the room, you can dramatically change the mood and atmosphere in the room by simply switching throw blankets and drapes. Some throw blankets are two-sided or have colorful patterns that a simple fold or a draping style on your seating furniture or bed are enough to effect subtle changes in the look of a room. In matters of style, having a few throw blankets in your collection can aid you in keeping the look the bedroom or living room fresh.

Our throw blankets are available in a variety of styles, with most coming in bright and colorful patterns that make them pop out. Because there are no established rules as far as styling with throw blankets is concerned, you can use it in the style that appeals to your taste. As accent pieces, you can choose to create contrast with the throw blanket or add emphasis to the color palette in a room. As you go about visualizing your particular style with the throw blankets from our offerings, keep in mind that you may need for them to stand out and not just blend into the background. Among the available throw blanket styles in our selections include 100 percent acrylic throws in a variety of solid colors and in patterns, such as chevron, jacquard, stripes, abstract and diamond dots.

Apart from acrylic, our throw blankets also come in other types of fabric including 100 percent heathered cotton, 100 percent linen, cotton and linen combination, and faux fur. The fabric come in varying textures, weight and details with most of the throw blankets having tassels and fringes on their ends. Some of our throw blanket offerings, particularly those with loom and knit patterns come with a Craftmark certification, which means that the Indian artisans loomed and weaved that fabric by hand. You have the option of helping preserve this centuries-old tradition of fabric weaving whenever you choose throw blankets and any of our other offerings with the Craftmark certification.

More than just accent pieces, throw blankets should ideally be functional as well, having the ability to give you the coziness and warmth when you wrap yourself in one or snuggle up under them. On the bed, they should be able to work well as another layer on top of the sheets for extra warmth. In the living room, you can also opt to have extra plushness and luxury on your sofa by going with fur-type throws.

If you wish for your blanket to provide you with more warmth, go with our acrylic offerings. Our cotton, linen and hand-loomed offerings are cooler and are ideal during the warmer months. Before you start purchasing from our selection of throw blankets, measure the bed or the seating furniture where your throw blanket will go and choose a size that you feel is right for them. The sizes of our throw blankets range from 40 to 70 inches in width and 50 to 80 inches in length.

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