8 Beautiful Vase Filler Ideas

A vase makes a versatile home accent because you can change the look simply by changing the filling. Vase fillers can be changed for the holidays when you redecorate or simply whenever you want a different look. There are vases of all sizes that can be used to hold floral arrangements, candles and other decorative items. Spark your creativity with these eight vase filler ideas:

1. Stones

Stones are an excellent vase filler because they come in so many neutral tones and hues. No matter what color scheme you've chosen for the room, a vase filled with stones looks classic and elegant. You can add ornamental grasses or a single ivory candle to the vase for a modern look, or go traditional with a floral arrangement. It's up to you whether you want to fill the vase all the way up with stones; you could also just fill up the bottom half for an understated look.

2. Water

If you're looking for a home accent that's out of the ordinary, use water as a vase filler. It can be displayed as-is, or tinted with a few drops of food coloring. Add a floating candle for eye-catching illumination that imparts a romantic glow to the room. You can also add aquatic plants to a vase filled with water if you like the look of live greenery. There are even vases designed to accommodate a betta fish, with room to add aquatic plant life on top.

3. Wine Corks

Display the corks from all of your favorite vintages in a clear vase for a vineyard-inspired design style. They can be displayed on their own or used to disguise floral stems. Whether you opt for real or artificial flowers, they'll provide a stylish contrast to the neutral tones of the corks. A cork arrangement can be accented even further with bunches of faux grapes and some decorative ribbon.

4. Sand and Shells

Create a beach-themed arrangement by displaying sand and seashells in your clear vase of choice. Layer the sand on the bottom, then add the shells on top. Or, you can create a layered look by alternating one inch of sand with one inch of shells until the vase is full. You might also want to add seagrass or other foliage to the vase for an abundant appearance.

5. Coffee Beans

Accent your kitchen with a vase filled with coffee beans. For a fragrant and fashionable decoration, put a scented candle in the center of the vase and pour the beans in around it. Or, nestle a tea light candle on top of the coffee beans. For a cute finishing touch, tie a coffee-colored ribbon around the middle of the vase.

6. Fruit

Another stylish idea for the kitchen is a fruit arrangement. You can use wax or real fruit in a transparent vase; long-lasting citrus fruits like lemons and limes work well. Fruit, whether real or faux, is colorful enough to display on its own, although you can add flowers or greenery if you wish. You can choose only one type of fruit to display or mix different pieces for a vibrant look.

7. Branches

A good way to add a rustic look to the room is with branches. A grouping of branches can be used to hide the stems from an artificial floral arrangement, or you can display them on their own. Adding feathers and ornamental grasses bring texture and color to this minimalist-inspired look.

8. Marbles

If you prefer a contemporary look, consider marbles as a vase filler. They come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you can find ones that coordinate beautifully with your furnishings. Another great thing about using marbles as a vase filler is that they easily cover up floral stems and wires.

A filled vase works well in any room of the home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Vases come in many different styles, so you can go understated or dramatic based on how much space you're working with and your style preferences.

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