Matelassé Bedding

Plush and luxurious, matelassé bedding is perfect when you want a little more texture on your bed. west elm‘s matelassé bedding selections include a variety of different delightful textures, giving you a wide range of options for adding something that feels wonderful to the touch and looks fantastic without introducing busy detail. Available in a gorgeous range of solid colors, our matelassé bedding splits the difference between prints and solids by offering a subtle textured pattern in the fabric‘s weave. The end result is an irresistibly inviting surface that maintains color consistency for a refined, modern approach to bedroom style.

Simplicity is key when it comes to the modern bedroom, but this bedding collection proves that simplicity doesn‘t have to be too subtle in any way. In fact, the detailing on these duvet covers, shams and coverlets draws you in and invites further exploration. Its touchable softness is irresistible, and you‘ll find it all too easy to sink into bed and fall into a deep sleep at the end of a long day with one of these beautiful matelassé pieces to welcome you. Given that the word itself refers to something that is quilted or padded in the original French, matelassé can be seen as the ultimate material for comfortable bedding.

Even though your sheets make the most direct contact with your skin while you’re tucked up in bed, a sumptuously textured duvet cover is a fantastic addition to your bedding arrangement. You‘ll be able to feel its warmth and its inherently enjoyable texture whenever you pull the covers up to your chin. And because matelasse‘s texture is part of its structure due to the pattern of its weft and weave, your enjoyment of its tactile qualities will not diminish over time with wear and washing. By using time-honored weaving techniques to create modern classics, we‘ve made our matelassé bedding pieces into must-haves for a comfortable, sophisticated bedroom.

Though they can do a lot to make your bed supremely comfortable on their own, our matelassé bedding options can be elevated to new heights of supreme comfort when they‘re paired with other luxurious items from our bedding collection. Think of your bed as a series of comfortable layers, with the matelassé coverlet or duvet serving as the crowning glory. You can start with one of our supportive mattresses paired with a feather bed, then layer some ultra-soft sheets on top. Add a blanket, some pillows and your matelassé top layer, and your bed will be a perfect cloud of comfort that you can cuddle into every night.

Matelassé bedding uses a specific type of weave, but there’s more than one way to make it. We offer a variety of different options in this category, including some matelassé bedding made from organic cotton in fair-trade facilities. From handcrafted duvets and coverlets to monogrammable pillow shams, there’s no shortage of options for variety in this category. Choose a texture and textile type that suits your taste and priorities, then narrow down your options to your favorite color. Select the proper fit from our range of standard bed-size options, and you‘re all set. It’s as simple as falling asleep.

When comfort and simplicity are high on your list of priorities, a matelasse bedding set is an excellent choice. Balancing textural decoration with solid-color uniformity, this fabric weave is a perfect way to make your bedroom pleasant and comfortable without adding distraction. Whether you‘re an ardent minimalist or you simply like the idea of a tranquil, calm bedroom, our matelassé bedding may be just what you‘re looking for to perfect your bedding setup in any season.