Pillow & Duvet Inserts

As you build your perfect bed, don‘t neglect the basics. A bed without a plush pillow and the warm embrace of a duvet isn‘t really reaching its full potential. These so-called basics are anything but boring and dispensable. Rather, they give your bed an extra element of comfort and are actually essential for a cozy, restful sleep. Whether you sleep hot or cold, prefer a firm pillow or like to sink your head into extreme softness, west elm has duvet inserts and pillow inserts to suit your needs. From replacing old pillows that have lost their pep to adding a new top-layer option to deal with changing weather conditions, you can quickly and easily find just the right pillow or duvet insert to complete your bed.

Your bed exists to support you and make you comfortable, but there are lots of different elements in play that contribute to a feeling of relaxation when you hit the hay. You‘ve carefully selected your bed frame, mattress, bed skirt, sheets and duvet cover, and you can help tie the whole arrangement together with perfect contentment by taking the time to pick out the right pillow and duvet inserts. Consider picking out more than one pillow per person for the people in your bed at night for added comfort. If you live in a place that experiences changing temperatures throughout the year, it may make sense to choose different duvet insert weights as well.

Our pillows and duvet inserts are available in three different collections: Essential, Classic and Premium. Consult our guide to these three collections to help narrow down your options and decide which style best suits your needs. Differences between the three include factors such as fabric thread count, construction and fill type. Each group of pillow inserts and duvet inserts includes both down and down alternative fill, allowing you to make a choice that best suits your preference for feathers or synthetic material.

Though they don‘t have a major impact on decor and aesthetics in your bedroom, it pays to take care when selecting pillow and duvet inserts. Just as you carefully curate the visual elements of your bedroom, taking a deliberate approach toward selecting the plush, warm pieces you add to your bed will result in a greater feeling of comfort and enjoyment. Luckily, it won‘t take long for you to identify the pieces that suit you best. We make elements such as support and warmth easy to understand and identify, so picking out the right items from our collection is a snap.

After your bedding basics selection is through, choose the perfect bedding to accompany it. From serene solids to fun prints, you can focus on your own unique preferences in this area too. In many ways, your bedroom is a reflection of the unique elements that make you who you are. We make it easy to find the exact kind of bedding you want, whether you’re concerned about color or prefer to shop products with fair trade certifications. From organic cotton to monogrammable Belgian flax linen, you can explore and consider different texture and fiber options.

Armed with your perfect-match duvet cover and sheets for your new duvet insert and pillows, you’ll be ready to take on the tough task of relaxing in warmth and comfort. It‘s nice work if you can get it, and with our bedding basics and other bedding elements, you‘ll have no problem drifting off to dreamland. Luxurious comfort and reliable quality awaits. All you have to do is pick out the elements that work best for you, cuddle up and catch some shut-eye.