Sateen + Silk Bedding

From the crisp, smooth feel of sateen sheets to the decadent look of a silk duvet cover, sateen and silk bedding is a luxurious choice for your sleeping area. west elm makes it easy to obtain a decadent look and feel for your bedroom with our generous selection of sateen and silk bedding. Made from materials such as purely organic cotton and hand-loomed natural silk, these bedding selections are crafted with quality in mind. That means we make our most luxurious bedding with a quality to match its amazingly smooth and beguiling texture. For the ultimate in comfort and indulgence, it‘s hard to beat silk and sateen.

We offer a variety of different ways to incorporate this perfectly smooth-textured bedding into your bed setup. Build a top-to-bottom arrangement of sateen bedding, starting with a bed skirt and ending with a duvet cover, or mix this fabric in with other options for a blend of different sensations as you lie your head down each night. Our silk bedding is primarily available as the top layer to your bedding arrangement as either a quilt or duvet cover with matching shams. This allows you to present the look and feel of silk front and center on your bed, making it easy to access comfort and glamour even from across the room.

Our sateen and silk bedding pairs excellently with other sumptuously textured bedding pieces from our collection. Matelasse, for example, provides a different kind of luxury with its soft, lofty construction. The warm plushness of matelasse contrasts beautifully with the cool, smooth crispness of sateen, giving you a wonderful mixture of textural sensations to enjoy each time you get in bed. Sateen can have a slight sheen due to its unique weave, giving it a heightened sense of sophistication that contrasts excellently with many other types of cotton bedding. Silk too makes a good companion to many of our different bedding types, including linen, which has a pleasant ruggedness that pairs interestingly with silk’s inherent delicacy.

Silk bedding is a quick and simple way to add subtle opulence to your bedroom no matter what specific design style you prefer. From the intricately eclectic to the delicately simple, our luxe, refined silk bedding fits in seamlessly. Make one of our silk pieces the focal point of your bedroom or choose a subtle color combination for a quiet statement of elegance. Such a classic and coveted fabric is always welcome in a sophisticated home, and your bedroom is no exception.

Conscious shoppers should be delighted to know that we offer sateen sheets, shams, duvets and more in organic cotton. In addition to providing green options in this category, we also offer fair trade-certified sateen bedding for you to enjoy. While connecting you with ethically manufactured merchandise, we also provide a variety of different colorways and pattern types in this category, allowing you to select the right match for your ideal bedroom design. You may even be able to add your monogram to your final sateen bedding selection, meaning you can truly make your mark on your personal space.

Your bedding set can be, in many ways, an expression of who you are. If you‘re an urbane sophisticate with a flair for the luxurious, the glossy, smooth appeal of sateen and silk bedding can be difficult to resist. Luckily, with so many great options available to you in our collection, there‘s no need to hold back. You can outfit your entire bed in cool, sleek, lavish comfort. Pair our silk and sateen bedding pieces with luxurious fabrics from our other product lines, such as velvet curtains and alpaca wool blankets. Your bedroom should be a bastion of comfort and relaxation, and these rich fabrics are the ideal choices to make everything look and feel just right.