All Handcrafted Collaborations

At west elm, we take pride in our commitment to offer high-quality products that turn your home into a stunning showplace while enhancing the lives of the artisans behind these creations. That’s why we feature All Handcrafted Collaborations that are so much more than just products made by hand. Each design preserves historical traditions and provides employment opportunities to artisans around the world. From stunning Chulucanas vases crafted from earthenware in the highlands of Peru to mouth-blown glass vases made in India, there’s a style for every home design. You’ll enjoy your decor even more knowing that each artisan receives a premium that allows them to spend in the local economy and enhance their surrounding communities.

Adorn your botanicals with handmade planters and terrariums that take decor to the next level. Handcrafted of terra-cotta that’s cast and glazed by hand, many of our whimsical planters are created in Portugal. Bring the tropics and some greenery straight to your desktop or mantle with glass terrariums on wooden or lava rock stands. Made in Indonesia, these Earth-inspired creations are inspired by stunning landscapes and features created millions of years ago. Add trailing plants or clustered succulents for the perfect look in your home.

Add striking candleholders to your dining table for an evening of entertaining or create romantic lighting in the bedroom while helping citizens across the globe. From wooden pillar candles crafted in India to crystal clear glass designs that are hand-blown, you’re sure to find a style you love.

Spice up your interior design with decorative objects and sculptures that suit your tastes. Use masks to create a tribal touch in your home with pieces handcrafted in a paper-mache workshop that is dedicated to creating sustainable jobs in Haiti through innovative design. Each piece is handcrafted almost entirely from locally sourced, recycled materials like cement bags and glue made from yucca paste. That means the purchase of these products is not only socially responsible but also environmentally friendly. Other decorative objects feature marble and wood construction hand cut and carved in faraway places such as India.

Increase your storage and organization with handcrafted baskets and bins from local artisans. We’ve collaborated with family-owned businesses in the Philippines that help support Filipino artisans while preserving traditional weaving techniques. Each basket requires a high level of skill, and a significant amount of time as each one takes close to a full day to create. Made of rattan, seagrass and other natural fibers, these baskets are stunningly beautiful and not harmful to the environment. We’ve also collaborated with artisans in the Haryana region of India, to offer rugs that pair perfectly with hand-woven baskets. These ancient weaving traditions have been passed down from father to son for a truly local influence. Here, master weavers hand spin, hand dye and hand-weave each rug using traditional wooden handlooms.

The beauty of handcrafted items is that each one tells a story. From the globally inspired design process to the craftsmanship traditions passed down for centuries, each piece becomes a statement piece. Brighten up your dining table with handcrafted bowls that spin tales of lands far away. Crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, each solid wood bowl is hand formed and then burned using a torch to achieve a blackened color. This handcrafted process means that no two bowls are exactly alike and cracks occurring during the kiln process are considered beneficial additions, not mistakes. We also feature handcrafted bowls from South African artists famous for their signature bead-like patterns. After their creation on the African continent, each one is hand painted by artisans in China, making these bowls truly globally inspired with each purchase having a wide-reaching positive impact on the creators.