Away + west elm

Away Collaboration

At west elm, we love international flair. When it comes to decor, we want to give you as many options as possible, and that means checking out the colors, textures and design styles of cultures around the world. That way, you can express yourself creatively to the max, whether you’re looking for Mediterranean chic, Moroccan-inspired glamour or Japanese minimalist decor. One of the best ways to get inspired by exotic locales is to visit them in person. That’s the idea behind our Away Collaboration: unleashing your inner explorer and photographer every time you travel. Here are eight ways that our Away luggage can make your trip even more exciting and enjoyable.

One of the first things you probably want in luggage is something that adapts to your lifestyle. Are you into crystal-clear beaches or backwoods hiking? Your suitcase should be designed to meet your needs, and not vice-versa. Sometimes travel means international flights or business trips around the country. Other times you just want something for a quick road trip to visit friends and family.

What size is the best when choosing luggage? That depends completely on your personal preferences and factors like where you go, how much you bring and how often you travel. Go with a size that lets you enjoy yourself. If you want to check out the local nightlife, that might mean space for your favorite red dress or newest blazer, extra makeup or cologne – and shoes! One tip for international travel: aircraft overhead bin allowances often vary between the U.S. and Europe, so it’s good to investigate beforehand.

Functionality is important in luggage, but style has a big effect on your trip too. After all, you are who you are anywhere you go. Let your fashion flag fly proudly with pieces that are just as chic as your dark sunglasses and as smooth as the rest of your outfit. You get noticed, feel happy and confident.

The material your travel case is made of can really make your trip flow smoothly. Most luggage falls into two basic categories: soft cases and hard shells. Soft cases – like a leather work bag – are especially flexible; you can put them virtually anywhere. Hard cases give you a solid layer of protection for your belongings. That can be really important if you’re bringing back souvenirs or traveling with a laptop. Our Away luggage easily stands up to the impacts, falls and random inspections of airport security and boarding.

Ideally, you probably want luggage that is strong and resistant – to keep your stuff safe – but also flexible and lightweight. That makes it easy to slide into an aircraft’s overhead bin, toss into the back of your car or carry along with you wherever you’re headed. Lightweight cases make a big difference on your back and neck, especially on longer flights.

Another back saver that helps you to stay cool and comfortable is choosing luggage with rollers. Two wheels or four? Both save you a lot of effort in the airport and at your destination too. Four-wheeled cases are a little more ergonomically-correct since you don’t need to stretch your arms out behind you. Luggage with four rollers is easy to maneuver and twist too, so you can pass through narrow aisles or airport lines no sweat.

Our high-quality Away Collaboration Collection is very durable. Everything from frame and shell to inner fabric and multiple handles are designed to last for an extremely long time. We know you want to explore a ton, and our Away luggage is there next to you without missing a beat.

Lots of inner compartments makes packing – and finding what you’re looking for later – a breeze. You have spots that are just right for electronic devices, makeup cases and more. Your luggage often becomes your home away from home for a while, so having everything organized means more time spent relaxing. Another thing that makes anywhere seem like home is having a USB charging station integrated in your suitcase. Always having enough power in your smart phone is a wonderful feeling.