Bower Collaboration

At west elm, we are excited to offer furniture pieces designed by Bower. This eclectic group of designers is based in New York City, where they bring a unique style and feel to their furniture design. One of the tenets of Bower is the unexpected air they infuse in their designs. It’s not at all surprising to see touches of whimsy and unconventional details woven into the furniture and products created by Bower.

Bower pieces often include an eclectic mixture of materials and styles, melding to create an unexpected finished design. One thing’s for sure, these furniture pieces will never be traditional. In fact, you might even find that they serve as sparks for conversation when you add them to your living areas. The comfortable lounge chair designed by Bower features a minimalistic shape that achieves a seamless grace at the same time. The circular seat has a sculpted look and feel, set comfortably inside a metal frame. The upholstered arms add to the overall appeal of the chair. Whether you place this chair in a living room, family room or even the seating area of a bedroom, you simply can’t go wrong. Flank the chair with a couple of side tables and floor lamps and you’ll be ready to kick back in comfort.

Bower has also designed sleek accent furniture to add to your living areas. This coffee table will surely pull in all eyes, thanks to its unusual shape and combination of materials. Two tiers show off different marble surfaces while contrasting shapes give the table an unusual appearance. Thanks to the natural variations in marble veining, you can be sure that your Bower coffee table will be unlike any other furniture piece. Adding this coffee table to a seating group with sofas and love seats promises to be a winning choice.

Don’t allow lighting in your living areas to be an afterthought. With Bower fixtures, you can cast a bright light on your unique sense of style. The Bower LED table lamp is fiercely contemporary, yet it’s so functional that you’ll reach for it daily to illuminate your space. The body of this lamp has a stylish brass finish while the light comes from around glass shade on one end. You can also carry on this eclectic styling by adding other Bower light fixtures to your living area. Choose from sconces, floor lamps and even pendant lights. Pairing Bower pendant lights with any of our dining tables would be an instant win. The adjustable hanging height makes it easy to position the pendant light exactly where you want it for ideal lighting.

Anchoring your seating area couldn’t be better than with a Bower rug. Available in three different sizes to fit every space, this rug merges geometric shapes effortlessly. The hand-loomed rug is made out of 25 percent wool and 75 percent viscose, so it’s made to be durable and long-lasting. The whisper white color will blend easily with virtually any other room decor you may have. Adding splashes of color with throw pillows and throw blankets would be a delightful finishing touch in any room.

When you want to venture outside of the traditional, Bower can be an ideal choice in furnishings. The unique blend of form and function gives these furniture pieces an unexpected appeal that can set the tone in your living areas. Mixing and matching other furniture pieces, textures and colors promises to be an adventure, and you might find that you’re never quite done adding to your room. As the Bower designers continue to add to their collections, you can keep your room design fresh and imaginative.