Christopher Wynter Collaboration

The Christopher Wynter Collaboration allows us to share the work of this multi-talented artist with you. Some of his paintings have been transformed into 100 percent wool rugs, exclusively via us at west elm. The abstract designs in the rugs maintain the brushstrokes, form and color of the original works. The result is an extraordinary textured painting that livens up the floor in a room and becomes a focal point.

If you hang a wall mirror on the wall near the rug the reflection will pull out the colors. Mirrors are excellent decorating accessories for many reasons. They reflect light to brighten a dark corner or area in a room. With proper placement they can make a space seem larger. And of course it provides reflection. Choose from the large selection of decorative mirrors that we have to offer. Asymmetrical designs and infinity mirrors would complement the abstract pattern in the rug. Or you might prefer a mirror made of geometric circles, overlapping squares or three large diamond mirrors in a row.

Add some lighting to illuminate the rug and for practical reasons at night. Floor lamps are super to use because they stand alone and don’t require a table to stand on. Arching lamps reach out like a bridge to emit light. Tripod designs are architectural with three legs forming the base. Consider a tripod fixture that includes a small wooden table attached to it. Slender cylinder floor lamps can squeeze into small spaces.

In keeping with the artistic theme, you might want to include some decorative objects around the room. Display a wood and resin pyramid object or metal sculptures on a fireplace mantel or on a bookshelf. A stacked ball sculpture, coal crystal or coral resin on a stand are artistically elegant and would be suited on a table or console. Express yourself through small pieces of artwork throughout your home. Use a weighted steel doorstop to hold a door open or to support a stack of books. Twisted squares or glass knots add interest on a bathroom countertop. Let the feng shui guide you as you place these decorative items throughout your home.

Aromatherapy allows fragrances to subtly permeate the air. Depending on the scent, it might evoke a sense of calm or raise energy levels.Candles, diffusers and incense are a few ways to freshen your home’s scent. Many of the boxed collection sets include a ceramic candle, room spray and a diffuser with the bottle and rattan sticks. Scents include linen, glow, lake, woods and sea.

Incorporate botanicals in your decorating to bring in natural elements combining the yin and yang into the decorating theme. A metal leaf branch is an ornamental piece of art much like dried palm leaf, faux monstera leaf and faux fiddle leaf branch. These are no maintenance and can last forever. No pruning, watering or fertilizing is required. Basically these beauties from Mother Nature are preserved so they can be enjoyed for a very long time. Place them in refined vases of recycled glass, Chulucanas pottery, intricate faceted metal or elegant prism mercury. Or select stunning glazed teardrop vases, oblong opalescent ones that shimmer or shiny gold dust. Since no water is needed to maintain the faux botanicals you can choose any of the vases. Stagger several vases of different heights and sizes to create dimension.

Having an artistic base like the abstract rug is an excellent way to build your decorating around. Pull colors from the rug in your wall paint or in accessories to coordinate the space. Use your rug as wall art instead if you like. There really are no rules in non-objective art, so your choices are endless.