Filipino Weavers

At west elm, we are committed to offering stunning handmade crafts from across the globe to make your home more delightful and enjoyable. Our handmade products are also socially responsible as all of our partnerships are focused on improving the living conditions of artisans across the world. With our Filipino Weavers Collaboration, we’ve partnered with family-owned businesses to help support Filipino artisans while preserving traditional weaving techniques. The result is exquisite baskets and bins that add organization to your home as well as striking decor.

Basket making requires a high level of skill, and often times one basket can take an experienced weaver a full day to create. Our collaboration features baskets made from rattan, seagrass and other natural fibers. Each basket is made from woven traditions passed down through several centuries. The beauty of handmade products is that each one tells a one-of-a-kind story. Dress up your dining table for an evening of entertaining with our Filipino weaver runners. You’ll love telling your guests, friends and family the ancient history behind the natural beauty of these products and how each one directly impacts a local artisan. With colors including slate and natural, each one offers a subtle backdrop for your elegant china or bold, vibrant dinnerware. Each process helps to preserve ancient traditions and encourages growth of the economy in local communities.

You can use these baskets and bins as floor storage in your closet to store shoes and accessories, such as scarves and hats. Some of our woven baskets are designed for underbed storage so you can keep the space clean and organized. Use these baskets to hold seasonal jackets or extra blankets for added warmth in winter. You can even use these handwoven baskets as trays to hold keys and trinkets in the entryway. You’ll never have to dig around or search for the car keys with these handy baskets that can also hold office keys and gloves.

This collaboration offers rustic storage for any room. Handwoven of natural bankuan grasses, the French laundry baskets keep your laundry looking neat. If you prefer to separate light and dark items from the beginning, opt for two baskets for easy organization. You can also use it to store folded towels in the bathroom or extra blankets in a bedroom. Set the baskets on the floor for a casual, laid-back look or add them to shelves on vanities or wall cabinets to create organized storage units.

Use an oversized basket in the home office to hold magazines, reference books or media for clients as they wait to meet with you. Alternatively, you can use it in the living room to store logs next to the fireplace. Crafted from tightly handwoven rattan, each oversized basket is stained to highlight its rich texture. Cutout handles allow for easy portability so you can move it exactly where you need it without a lot of effort. Our Filipino Weavers Collaboration baskets can be maintained easily to keep their lustrous look for years to come. Use a feather duster to remove light layers of dirt or wipe clean with a damp cloth for a brand-new appearance in minutes.

Our Filipino Weavers Collaboration baskets are designed for organization yet double as decorative objects to take style in your home to the next level. Because each one is made of all natural materials, you can rest easy knowing your home organization is environmentally friendly. Made in the Philippines, each basket adds rich texture to any home. Choose a braided basket for chunky, bold texture or opt for fishnet design baskets for a softer texture that can blend in bold patterned rooms. Regardless of your choice, each one will appear unique since slight color variations result from the handwoven nature of these pieces.