Margo Selby is known for her intricate patterns + bold colors. Bringing together traditional craft + a modern aesthetic, she gets inspiration from her travels + traditional Japanese + African textiles. Our exclusive collaboration features irresistible pillows, handwoven rugs, quilts + wall art.

Margo Selby

Whitstable, UK


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Margo Selby Collaboration

At west elm, we think that conservation of the Earth’s resources is important, and we’re sure you do too. That’s why we use Forest Stewardship Council®-certified wood in our furniture and offer many organically grown textiles as well. Sustainable resources keep the planet’s forests healthy and beautiful. Another key part of conservation, however, is social responsibility. Just like you, we think that artisans from around the world deserve to shine too. Highlighting their work, and promoting fair trade, allows crafters to preserve traditional artwork and culture. That dedication to promoting the heritage of small communities around the globe is what inspired our Margo Selby collaboration. What’s it all about?

The essence of our Margo Selby Collaboration is the beauty of traditional loom-woven textiles. When fabrics are woven on a loom, it means that each strand, color and pattern is carefully chosen and introduced by hand by the weaver. This makes each finished textile essentially a work of art since the finished design is totally in the hands and heart of the weaver. It’s not surprising, for that reason, that handwoven fabrics are usually vibrant and bold. Weaves can have any kind of striking pattern, from vertical stripes or diagonal lines to geometric figures or intricate floral arrangements. That makes them amazing for home decor.

Many villages in different parts of the world have created this type of fabric for hundreds of years. India, Thailand, Mexico and many African countries are just a few places where you can find loom weaving. The differences in design vary greatly from culture to culture so there is a huge and exciting variety of styles from which to choose. Our Margo Selby Collaboration draws on those amazing inspirations to create original works of art that, in turn, benefit local villages.

What effect do the bright colors and eye-catching designs of handwoven textiles have on a room? Well, vivid color is usually associated with happiness and excitement. They give spaces a lively ambience that makes you feel like laughing, dancing and celebrating at the same time. Friends and family members that popped in for a visit feel relaxed and comfortable.

Vivid patterns also show off your artistic side. There are endless color combinations, from expressive blues and greens to rich reds and oranges, which is helpful if you want to focus on specific tones in your dream living room, dining room or bedroom. An attention-grabbing rug, for example, makes an awesome focal point in a living room with neutral furniture. You can pick out a few main colors in the rug and add them in small pops around the rest of the space to bring everything together. Vases, throws, accent pillows and other decorative objects complement woven art beautifully.

Woven textiles themselves also come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Basically, the larger the piece, the stronger the effect it has on your room. That turns you into the interior decorator and your space into a blank canvas. Woven rugs and handmade bedding like a duvet cover or quilt definitely get noticed right away. Throws, decorative pillows and wall hangings let you play around with smaller amounts of intense color. You can even mix and match different motifs with accent pillows to add some contrast.

That doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to pick bright colors if you want to incorporate weaves into your decor, though. Some pieces, especially bedding and accent pillows, use a monochromatic or neutral color palette. That gives the room all of the brightness and happiness of more colorful textiles but with a calmer sensation that goes well with bedroom aromatherapy. One gorgeous aspect of this kind of woven pieces is the textures they include. Running your fingers over the raised edges of fabric is even more soothing to your emotions.

The sky is the limit when creating your own signature style with weaves. You can use a lot or a little. Eclectic, modern, retro chic and contemporary themes look terrific with the informal feel of handwoven pieces. They turn the room into a personal collection of global art inspirations that gives you many stories to tell.