At west elm, we decided that we wanted to offer our customers the most vanguard artistic pieces to really breathe life into every room of the home. And then we had an idea. We proposed a wall art challenge to the design community at Minted, and received submissions from some of today’s most talented independent artists. For our collection we selected the best pieces to bring to you. The result is incredible art that looks great anywhere. Soothing pastels provide an open and bright ambience, and pair well with lighter tones. Their elegance and gentle strokes are very conducive to relaxation, for a stress-free environment. Make sure to choose an ultrasoft sofa or sectional for maximum comfort.
Attractive pieces featuring watercolors bring countless gradient hues into play, for a pure expression of one’s personality. They have the ability to create amazing moods, depending on the tones you select. Warmer colors such as deep reds, yellows and oranges have a certain energetic quality to them, while cooler tones like blues and greens tend to make a room feel especially modern. You can accentuate that look with chic accent tables or console tables. It’s exciting to pick out your personal favorites to display. With such a wide selection, finding a piece that matches your space isn’t difficult. Just ask yourself what emotion you want to feel every time you enter a specific room and decorate accordingly. For information about how to create a personal wall gallery, check out our guide.