Organic Cotton Collection: Towels, Bedding & More

Spruce up your home with the organic cotton collection: towels, bedding & more available now at west elm. These cushy home linens add touchable appeal to every space where you place them and help you feel good about your shopping, because it's better for the planet. Organic cotton has been popular in stylish, sustainable homes for a long time, thanks to its soft texture, durability and easy care. See why you should make the switch with an organic cotton collection: towels, bedding & more that reflects your personal style. For the bath, choose hand and bath-sized towels, floor mats or shower curtains. For the bedroom, sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases feel amazing.

Why Organic Cotton Belongs in Your Home

Bring home pieces from an organic cotton collection: towels, bedding & more to boost the style quotient in your home, while doing your part for sustainability. With so many reasons to choose organic, it's a great time to select new home linens.

  • The fibers of organic bedding and towels aren't treated with pesticides, insecticides or herbicides for a luxurious feel to the cotton material.
  • Organic cotton uses much less water than non-organic cotton, allowing these selections to be part of your efforts to conserve water on a large scale. This is a meaningful way to keep your home stocked with items you can feel good about.
  • The colors used to dye organic cotton are usually much better for the earth, too. They're colorfast in the wash, so care is as easy as when you throw anything in the washing machine or dryer.

Choosing Your Home Linens

Shopping for new organic cotton collection: towels, bedding & more can be a fun and rewarding experience when you start by browsing fine selections that you know last.

  • Choose your towels to match the rest of your bathroom decor.
  • While neutral colors are often easiest to pair as you update other decor, you can look to a new towel color or texture to update your bathroom.
  • Discover bedding in hues and patterns that fit the season, your in-home aesthetic or a palette you've been dying to try.
  • Since you change bedding frequently, it's the perfect place to take design risks when you're considering a new look or texture.

If you haven't made the switch to organic linens yet, now is the time to catch up with this sustainable home movement. If you already have lots of organic, it's always a good time to refresh your collections to keep styles and colors current. Start shopping today to make the most of this wonderful material.