Pelle Collaboration

The lighting and fixtures you choose for your space has a huge effect on your decor and the Pelle Collaboration Collection definitely gives you some modern options along with classic styling. This collection includes a chandelier, table lamp and sconces with asymmetrical designs. Using architectural influences, Manhattan designers Jane and Oliver Pelle create artistic and functional light fixtures with geometric shapes. They take lighting to a whole new level by creating and designing masterpieces from their studio in the historic Flatiron District, where they are surrounded by tons of inspiration.

The chandelier has five sand-blasted globes to emit a subtle glow of light in a dining room or kitchen. Contoured metal framing is finished in antique brass. Hang this elegant chandelier above a dining room table. We have dining room tables made of rugged reclaimed wood, round ones with variegated marble tops or exquisite hourglass shapes with glass tops at west elm. Box frame tables can go anywhere and fit right in. Angular legs and solid acacia wood tables are truly awesome. Place a centerpiece that coordinates with the artsy, edgy motif. A brass square totem pole adds height to the center of the table. Banded lava rock, brass kinetic objects, petrified wood and recycled metal are aesthetic forms that enhance the area where they are displayed. Many of the decorative art pieces bring a little of Mother Nature’s natural elements. Their natural beauty in Earth tones blends into almost any color scheme.

The funky asymmetrical table lamp in this collection is a stand-alone lamp. It’s going to be noticed because of its eccentric design. Two globes illuminate plenty of light for reading or catching up on the computer. The lamp seems to defy gravity with a balancing act. Keep it on a nightstand in your bedroom for necessary lighting at night. The nightstands have intricate details and high-quality construction. They also have practical features like drawers and extra storage shelves. Opt for diamond patterns, reclaimed wood designs or an oval eucalyptus wood nightstand with three drawers. Go gypsy, hippy, retro or classic with it.

The lamp is a superb accessory for a media cabinet or console. The extra light helps you search for DVDs, CDs or videos stored in the cabinet. It sheds light in the room to brighten an area when it gets dark. The long surface area of the consoles has plenty of room for a lamp and other memorabilia. At the opposite end of the console, decorate with tall vases filled with palm fronds or tall branches. Choose from metallic, glazed, clear glass or splattered raku pottery designs. These tall vases filled with botanicals will balance the height of the lamp with artistic brilliance. Stagger different sizes and colors of vases to create dimension and character on the media cabinet.

The short or long gooseneck wall sconces emit a soft, ambient light. They are quite suited for long hallways, entryways and home studies or libraries. For long hallways, consider adding two or three to light all the way down the hall. In a home study, put them by bookshelves or on either side of a desk area. The wall sconces are also an excellent way to showcase artwork. Hang a long gooseneck sconce above an art gallery of assorted prints to highlight the pictures. The short gooseneck sconce adds a calming glow to a painted canvas or a framed landscape print. Show off a vibrant abstract painting or a still life piece with sconce lighting.

What begins as a search to find light fixtures for your home evolves into a stunning display of lights with functionality. The fixtures enhance the decor in a room or hallway while allowing you to see clearly when the sun dips behind the night sky.