Rachel Kozlowski

Colorful and contemporary, our Rachel Kozlowski collaboration turns even the most ordinary dining event into a celebration. Bringing real art to everyday life, Kozlowski skillfully dresses up plates, bowls, mugs and common household items with creative twists on common animal designs. The next time you invite guests over for Sunday brunch or a holiday meal, let Kozlowski’s dressed-to-impress dapper animals start a lively conversation.

Like other all handcrafted products, Kozlowski’s handmade items feature attention to detail and global influence. Inspired by travels to Germany, Austria and Tanzania, among other locations, you might find a Rachel Kozlowski mug or plate adorned with jaguars, monkeys, rhinoceroses and other exotic animals.

Whatever occasion you are planning for, it is easy to add Kozlowski’s innovative products to the mix. Add elegance and sophistication to a winter party with a set of animal-themed candles, which come with original nature-themed scents. Made of ceramic, they are durable and attractive addition to a dining room or kitchen table.

Like all collaborators, Rachel Kozlowski’s collection continually evolves and changes. Her ideas inspire works like holiday-themed collections, which take the pressure off of holiday hosting. With her seasonally appropriate animal dinnerware, all you need to do is create a matching meal. Serving soup in a Rachel Kozlowski bowl brings warmth and comfort to a winter night while serving summer greens on a set of her salad plates adds glamour to al fresco summer events.

If the idea of supporting local products is important to you, rest assured that our creative collaborators at west elm exist around the country. They produce a diverse array of products, such as benches, consoles, tote bags and tables. If you are planning for a houseful of visitors, why not show your support for all things local and get a coffee table or pedestal? Kozlowski’s eclectic dinnerware pairs nicely with a modern, minimalist side table and serving tray. Add one of her animal-themed lamps to a locally sourced coffee table for added appeal.

With Kozlowski’s contemporary spirit as inspiration, you might decide to take your worldly decorating a step further. Our Port-au-Prince paper maker collection features papier-mache products that add an element of intrigue to any indoor or outdoor setting. With a paper mache mirror or drum table, you will blow guests away with your superb designing and arranging skills. On a warm summer morning, a Kozlowski mug with your favorite coffee placed atop an artisanal table transports you to the Caribbean.

In addition to accessorizing the areas around your eating space, adding decorative pieces to the table makes the presentation even more memorable. The Filipino weavers page contains an assortment of tasteful woven products that add grace to any occasion. An earthen tone woven runner placed beneath your Rachel Kozlowski dinner plates makes their color stand out. Just add white napkins and a vase filled with colorful flowers to make a cheerful semiformal dinner setting.

If you are drawn to inspiration from nature, you may also products from conservationist and artist Charley Harper. Harper produces chairs, ottomans, tapestry artwork, serving platters and more from designs in the natural world. Birds are a common theme in Harper’s works, such as barn swallow and blue jay tapestries. Harper experiments with color combinations, unusual patterns and even animal behavior to create his works. His products include colorful works influenced by the seasons and geometric patterns in nature.

With your serveware and accessories taken care of, it is time to start baking. Show your support for our collaborators even in chef mode with an apron from FEED, an organization founded by Lauren Bush Lauren designed to end hunger worldwide. Whether you prefer to cook in stripes or plain colors, there is an apron ready for mixing, baking and cooking. These aprons tie in the back for added comfort and support. Now all you need is a magic recipe to make your event one guests won’t soon forget.