Bring a Pacific Northwest classic look into your home with a Rejuvenation lamp. At west elm, we have collaborated with Rejuvenation to offer these ascetically pleasing lamps that you can use to light up every dark corner and provide an attractive look to any room. Lighting is so important in bringing out the design elements in your home. Add to the feel and tone of each room by choosing poplar wood and colored glass elements in your lighting.

How important light is when you are working or studying. Use an adjustable lamp over a desk to ensure a perfectly focused light for every project and task. Like an artist bending close, focus that light down onto the work to illuminate the colors or text. Try placing one next to your bed. Use the adjustability to make a comfortable spot for late reading.

Create a bright happy feeling using a glass lamp. Try pairing with pearlescent glass vases to increase the effect. A room furnished with bright colors and airy curtains portrays a breezy summer day. Adding plants and using bright flower colors turns the feeling towards gardens and meadows. Try using these themes in a closed patio where the setting of the sun is replaced by the brilliance of the lamp.

Create a cozy, cup of coffee corner. Bring that hobbit feeling into a room by placing a Rejuvenation floor lamp next to an arm chair. Delicate soft lighting shines on a special nook. Take advantage of the floor lamp’s slim features to place it tight-fitting areas. Running out of room in that bedroom? This lamp might fit right in. You can use it in your high traffic hall too, to maximize space and provide light for comings and goings.

Bring lighting to your bar with five-light chandeliers. Pair with elegant bar stools for a classy sleek look. Use them to bring lofty feelings and a sense of height to kitchens and dining rooms. Try using Rejuvenation chandeliers over kitchen islands or dining tables. What about using one with deep woods and gold accented dishes for a classy dining out look?

You can hang pendant lights practically anywhere. Small and maneuverable, you can place them over desks or tables, hang them in bedrooms or hallways, or put them in bathrooms. While the five-light chandelier is over the bar, try using the matching pendant light over the foosball table or the pool table. Hang in out-of-the-way places, away from the main light, to bring depth and clarity to all corners of the room. Multiple pendants can be placed down the length of the ceiling to give light to a long dining table. Or place them in intervals on the ceiling in a room with sectionals paired with coffee tables for an elegant feel. Placing multiple pendant lights in a room with tables and chairs that seat two or four can give a dining out feeling.

Grace the ceiling above a round dining table with a round chandelier. Change the feeling to fun, vintage or classic by pairing with different dishes and centerpieces. Continue on. The round chandelier can be used in more places than over the dining table. What about over a card table? A coffee table? Or skip the table and just hang it as a center lighting piece.

Use three-light chandeliers when you need something in between the five-light chandeliers and the pendant lights. Place in the dining room or make a great addition to your foyer. Adding to a bedroom or a sitting room along with abstract art can lead one into the contemporary period. Change the lighting on your stairway to a chandelier. Increase the length of the stairs and add to that up feeling.