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    Sarah Colson

    London, UK

    After receiving her M.A. in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, Sarah Colson set out to design artistic objects that tell a story. Using an assortment of found objects—from fishing wire to sewing machine parts—in her studio, she worked with us to design a lighting collection that finds beauty in the balance of forms and colors.


    “Creativity is like a sport, if you don't exercise it enough, you get stiff.”


    See more of her work at sarahcolson.com.

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Sarah Colson Collaboration

The Sarah Colson Ltd. Studio creates a lighting collection with an artistic flair in collaboration with west elm. The light fixtures have a classic look that crosses over between boho-chic and industrial. The versatility of the designs lets you add these pieces to almost any decor scheme and any room in the house. Brighten dark corners of your home. Light up your reading area. Introduce a soft glow to your bedroom or a shadowy hallway. Add lighting to the sheltered area of your balcony or patio, too, with a suspended brass and borosilicate globed chandelier. Borosilicate is a special type of durable glass that takes the heat while radiating soft light.

Enjoy owning lighting that doubles as a conversation piece with this Sarah Colson lighting. These light fixtures are designed around the communities where they are crafted. That means each one tells a story. The design elements make the lights different enough that they draw the eye. Attracting attention opens up the opportunity to share the story behind the creation of each piece. For example, the pieces are designed in her studio from things found by the artist, like sewing machine parts and fishing line. These unexpected sources provide the sculptural lighting fixtures with unexpected and beautiful details.

The balanced form of the lighting adds to the sense of comfort and relaxation when you enter the room. The whole unit blends into an elegant, cohesive display. The balance means nothing looks out of place on the fixture, and the form adds a touch of symmetry that is pleasing to the eye. Every element of the display, or light fixture, offers a sense that it is exactly where it belongs. The light blends in with natural ease when you hang the light near a bookcase or in the center of the room. For a touch of the unexpected that won’t distract from the sense of balance, hang the light fixture slightly offset above a sofa or dining table.

Display your favorite wall mirror near your Sarah Colson lighting to catch and reflect the light. The soft, diffused light and delicate colors of the light fixture add a pleasing glow to the room. Globes of the lights are available in clear and in delicately colored hues to complement any decor. Choose a colored light fixture to draw out specific colors from your other design elements. The brass ornaments of a bar cart or the turquoise blue in a favorite painting are just a couple of ideas to match to your lighting.

Install a Sarah Colson chandelier in an room with a high ceiling or over a stair well to let it hang down naturally. The chandeliers work in rooms with low ceilings, too. To hang one in a room with a lower ceiling, use hooks to guide the chain along the ceiling until the chandelier only hangs down a foot or so. This lets you enjoy the elegance of the suspended lighting while keeping the fixture out of the way. It also lets you direct the light exactly where you want it. Illuminate the center of a picture window or put it above your desk, without compromising the balanced form you get from the light’s original design.

Hang the pendant lighting above your kitchen counter to direct soft lighting where you need it when washing up or preparing food. The lighting hangs down to shed light directly where you need it so you are able to see clearly when measuring food or chopping vegetables. Or, pull a stool up to the counter and enjoy a mug of sweet hot cocoa while chatting with loved ones or reading a good book. Turn your lighting into a standout part of your decor with fixtures that let you adjust the height to create the exact look you want in your home.