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    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Furniture designers and gallerists Trevyn and Julian McGowan are inspired by South African artists. For us, they turned traditional African design details, like riempie weaving and Cape Dutch-style wood turnings, into a collection of chairs, tables and benches.


    “Crafted pieces have a meaning that's part of history.”


    Learn more at southernguild.co.za or visit our blog.

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Source Furniture Collaboration

Designer furniture is a valuable addition to any home decor option. Main focal points, or accent pieces, can dramatically enhance an overall look. Our west elm collaborations showcase artists and designers who get their inspiration around the world, using different subjects, ethnic approaches, materials and styles. Their work encompasses lamps, couches, tabletops and whatever’s needed in to give you and your guests a wonderful feeling of completion.

Source is one of the designers featured in our gallery of products. Founders Trevyn and Julian McGowan get their inspiration from South African artists, who turn natural shapes found in the land into chairs, tables and benches. These products work beautifully with a rustic aesthetic, giving it an authentic touch of nature and culture.

Another thing about South African-style furniture is its ability to combine the colorful shades of wood with the patterns of textiles, which in turn are put in furnishings to give an excellent feeling of rustic simplicity. The sensation of tradition paired with comfortable seating furniture is beautiful to the eye. It just wants to be in your room to the delight of guests and family alike.

A living room is not complete with just sofas and chairs though. In order to make everything tie nicely together, putting a few pillows here and there does wonders. Pots and baskets are also a welcome addition, especially when they go well with the furniture. Luckily, we also have a collection of such products which are also of South African inspiration. Whether you are looking for a pot to put keys in, pillows to embellish the sofas or baskets with a touch of rustic feeling, you can find the perfect accent piece. The color is never an issue, as you will find what you need to completely tie up your living room as one expressive and lively space.

When adding the final touches, curtains are a must. And floor coverings too, like rugs. Matching prints or colors give you a unified, cohesive look to your living space. On the other hand, one curtain that is different from the whole composition can be a focal point that you fall in love with. Our collection of curtains elevate the selection of South African style and motifs. Door mats surely provide a warm welcome to everyone. They are beautifully made; their designs are so gorgeous it may even be a shame to wipe your shoes on them.

Plates and glasses can also be in harmony with the look of your dining room. If you want to continue the South African influence in your eating space, we offer plates and bowls that take on the desired motif. These tabletop items will surely complete the evening, providing your guests or family with a more exotic vibe. Their meals will be accompanied with patterns and shapes that perfectly tie in a feeling of home and worldliness.

At the end of the day, welcome yourself to a comfortable room that is also marvelously laid out with bedding resembling the South African culture; with unique patterns and colors, shapes and forms printed on the covers, pillows and sheets. For the guest room too, this will leave a lasting impression on whoever stays at your house, letting them know you are someone who regards global culture very fondly. Visitors will feel both welcomed and pampered at your place.

A nice South African styled gift can bring an exotic themed get-together full circle. Whether it’s a plate, a basket or a mug, the patterns, shapes and forms will always make them remember where they were, and what an amazing day they had with you.