FSC® Certified Bedroom Furniture

Artists, poets, astronauts and writers have long spoken about the beauty of the Earth. It’s not surprising, considering that the planet gives us breathtaking vistas, nourishing and natural foods and sweet air to breathe. Chances are you relish vacations to white sand beaches with crystal clear blue water. Forests filled with trees and wildlife of every kind relax and refresh you. At west elm, we also have a deep appreciation for the treasures – both known and as yet undiscovered – of the Earth. That’s why we offer FSC®-certified bedroom furniture and other green home decor options. What do environmentally-friendly choices do for your bedroom? What does FSC® certified mean?


When furniture is FSC® certified – FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council – that means it comes from forests that are managed responsibly. It involves a couple of key areas: sustainability, biodiversity and preservation of natural resources. For a forest to be sustainable, it means that new trees are continually planted to ensure a natural balance. FSC®-certified furniture respects local wildlife and animal habitats, making sure that the ecosystem of flora and fauna are protected. Even things like soil and water quality are closely monitored. The whole idea behind it is to make sure that forests remain healthy and keep the things that makes them special.


How does all of this benefit the planet? Conserving forests is important for air quality for one thing. Plants naturally filter the air and produce oxygen, giving humans an abundance of clean air. Responsibly managed forests are also a delight for your eyes, give you and your family endless destinations to visit that are filled with life of every kind. Forests come in a lot of varieties, from lush rainforests to towering pine and redwood forests. That adds excitement to the planet’s landscape. Also, by conserving animal habitats, you protect the countless exotic species that haven’t been discovered yet or that flourish in their natural environment.


What effect does FSC®-certified bedroom furniture have on your room? First, it creates a strong bond with nature. It’s amazing to think that the same wood you can feel when running your hand along your bed’s headboard or your dresser was once in the open air, surrounded by wildlife and running water. Wood brings tons of warmth into the bedroom, making it happy and inviting. Natural surfaces make you feel like you’re lying down in the middle of a forest or meadow, so it slows your heart rate, relaxes you and reinvigorates you. In other words, furniture produced with sustainable wood puts a big smile on your face, all day long.


Another way to support the environment is with reclaimed-wood furniture. These pieces often have an unfinished, rustic look that is extremely intimate and calming. Reclaimed wood furniture utilizes high-quality wood with a history, reusing gorgeous timbers and beams from rustic log cabins and other sources.