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When it comes to your dining room, you want your dinnerware and serveware to accomplish several things, especially if entertaining often is important to you. First, you most likely want tabletop decor and dinnerware that’s versatile enough to last with each passing season. Durable, daily-use plates, cups and bowls that are easy to maintain are a great idea for everyday family meals and small get-togethers. You also probably want a dinnerware set that is perfect for larger or holiday events, complementing the decor of the season while also enlivening your dinner table. Shop west elm for different varieties of all dining options to make your room cheerful and joyful. From complete dinnerware sets that are perfect for any occasion, to party bowls and plates for larger events, we have a plethora of modern and contemporary styles sure to make your event enjoyable.

When it comes to dinnerware, it’s nice to have a complete set on hand so that everything matches and complements. As there are many different dinnerware set offerings, you can also match them with many of our serveware pieces, sold separately, to make a complete ensemble. Dinnerware sets usually come as a service for one but a set of four, including a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and mug. To create a service for four, you would opt for four separate sets. This also offers you the opportunity to mix and match colors. Perhaps opt for the same set in different shades for a more eclectic look.

Dinnerware sets come in several different constructions and styles to choose from. Opt for stoneware for a hearty, rustic look, or ceramic for a subtle, elegant vibe. Textured options are also available, and these are easily matched with your table linens and other decor. Crackle glaze is also an option, offering a burst of color to your tabletop. If you do need a complete service for four, six or eight, there are full dinnerware sets that are an option, also including items such as glasses and saucers.

When it comes to setting your table, for a more formal affair, you may want to add extras, such as plate chargers or salad or appetizer plates, depending on the courses and the menu. Plate chargers are an excellent option when you’re serving multiple courses. With choices such as wood, metal and ceramic, match them with your table linens, or allow them to stand out on their own to create a focal point. If you’re serving multiple courses such as soup or salad, feel free to use brilliantly colored and modern salad plates and bowls to add a little festivity to the table. Bold patterns and motifs that feature abstract prints and animals work well to create an interesting table. Canape or appetizer plates are also a consideration, if you’re opting that course.

When you’re offering soup or snacks at the table, you can also offer a mixture of different types of bowls. Some bowls are great for dipping sauces and other uses, while others work well for salads, soups and stews. Small bowls, such as those made for nuts and chips, also work well on your serving table or on your countertop during an event. If you’re offering dessert and coffee afterward, it’s imperative to have a selection of mugs and dessert plates. Mix and match different colors and styles to create a whole new look that’s different from the appetizer and entree courses, or match everything to your dinnerware and serveware collections for a polished look. Look for comical mugs with humor, or bright colors that add brightness to the room.

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