Anchor Hocking

Outfit your kitchen with cookware and cooks tools inspired by vintage pieces from a brand that is world renowned for quality and precision. Made in the United States by a long-standing glassware manufacturer, the Anchor Hocking Collection we have available at west elm features everything from mixing bowls to bakeware and storage that will turn your kitchen into a powerhouse. Each piece is crafted of durable, tempered glass and offers a full range of sizes to fit any recipe. Create a striking appearance with glassware that reflects the beauty of Anchor Hocking bakeware that can serve straight from the oven to the tabletop.

Anchor Hocking bakeware is built to last and will help you conquer a variety of recipes from casseroles to cakes and desserts. Opt for a bakeware set to easily stock your kitchen with everything you need. Our Anchor Hocking bakeware set comes with several must-have items for any kitchen, such as rectangular and square baking dishes, a pie pan, loaf pan and several custard dishes with lids. All Anchor Hocking bakeware features oversized, easy-to-grab handles for a secure grip every time when moving from the oven to tabletop.

Anchor Hocking gets you set up to bake delightful meals and desserts and even makes food prep quick and easy. Opt for Anchor Hocking measuring utensils including cups and mixing bowls to stay organized and on track even when tackling the most complicated recipes. Anchor Hocking mixing bowls feature a nesting design that helps save precious cabinet space making them ideal for smaller kitchens. The clear glass construction makes it easy to monitor the mixing of ingredients and ensures your recipes are the right consistency every single time. The glass also does not absorb odors or flavors making it a suitable choice for mixing pungent cheeses and sauces.

Anchor Hocking bowls can also be used with kitchen electrics to make mixing quick and easy. Opt for a handheld mixer to whip eggs and other ingredients into perfect meringues. Choose a high-powered mixer for large batches or when working with thick or sticky ingredients, such as molasses. Anchor Hocking glassware is crafted of durable, tempered glass so that your food from cookies to cakes and casseroles bakes evenly and efficiently. The clear glass lets you monitor its progress while it’s baking and mixing making it great for beginning cooks that are just learning their way around the kitchen.

Anchor Hocking offers kitchen solutions besides bakeware including storage containers to help you stay organized and keep you kitchen looking spotless. These clear glass jars are a handy way to store grains, flour or other dried goods. Because the jars are clear, there is no need for labels as you can see what’s inside each one clearly for ease of use. The sturdy black lids create an airtight seal so your ingredients stay fresh for months. Mix and match different sizes of glass jars to suit your specific kitchen needs and create the ultimate arsenal for tackling recipes. These glass jars are elegant enough to display directly on the countertop or store them away in cabinets so you have more counter space to work with.

Anchor Hocking glassware items make excellent gifts for your loved ones and friends. The high-quality construction ensures your friends and family can cook delicious meals and treats for years to come while celebrating the made in America manufacturing. Whether you want an individual statement dish to give as a Christmas present or a full set for a housewarming gift, you’ll find exactly what you need with Anchor Hocking glassware. For example, an Anchor Hocking mixing bowl is an ideal gift for someone who enjoys baking and using stylish bakeware when doing so.