Electronics and Appliances

Make life easier in the kitchen with high-tech appliances and gadgets that streamline your routine and save you time on busy days. From preparing your first cup of coffee with toast in the morning to cooking the family meal in the evening, west elm has numerous electronics and appliances that cater to every culinary need.

Wake up fast with a strong mug of coffee or tea in the morning. A cordless electric kettle looks smart without any messy wires across your kitchen countertop and is convenient to handle. Choose between different temperature settings for efficient energy use and take advantage of the keep warm feature so you don’t need to reboil the water repeatedly as other members of your family are ready for their first drink of the day. For safety, boil dry protection and an auto-shutoff feature are essential. A stainless-steel design goes with any kitchen decor so consider a bold, bright color for a touch of fun.

Alternatively, a coffee maker brews your favorite coffee in no time, and there’s no need for paper filters with a reusable one built into the machine. If you travel to work, you can fill up your travel mug too, thanks to the adjustable drip tray. Choose a compact machine designed to brew one cup at a time or a machine with a large carafe to hold several cups at once. A programmable system even has your coffee freshly prepared when you wake up.

A good breakfast sets you up for the day so pop some thick bread or bagels in the toaster. Even toasting is ensured due to self-centering guides and different shade settings let you cook it to suit your tastes. Get rid of residue crumbs when you pull out the crumb tray. As with the kettle, go for a stylish stainless-steel design or opt for a more colorful toaster.

Have some refreshing juice at the touch of a button using a personal extraction blender. Ideal for fresh juices, nut milks and smoothies, the powerful blade and motor reduce your ingredients to a delicious drink in seconds. With travel containers, you can even enjoy your drink while on the move. For freshly squeezed juice instead of blended, use a citrus juicer to squeeze oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits.

No modern kitchen is complete without a refrigerator. As well as its chilled exterior, your refrigerator has a cool exterior too when you opt for a retro design. A bold color makes a statement and complements your kitchen decor. Adjustable shelving, various storage bins and a crisper allow you to separate your meat, dairy and vegetables for complete organization. A built-in freezer space also means you don’t need a separate freezer, which is ideal if you’re short of space in the kitchen. For the family room, a mini refrigerator is a terrific way to keep drinks and snacks cool. It’s also ideal for your office or for your kid’s dorm room at college.

Show you mean business at mealtimes when you cook with a freestanding gas range. An adjustable height and ergonomic control knobs make it comfortable to use, and the range of burners and oven modes ensure you can cook numerous dishes at the same time. Spillages are caught in the deep range and a stainless-steel design means the mess is easy to clean. A professional-grade cooktop range meets every need for efficient cooking. Sealed burners, varying cook modes and a ventilated oven door to stop the occurrence of overheating are welcome attributes in a busy kitchen.

Prevent the kitchen odors from seeping into the other rooms of your home using a wall-mounted hood. Benefit from different ventilation speeds and a removable grease filter that you can put straight into the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

Clean up any mess in an instant using a hand vacuum. A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and the flexible hose fits easily into awkward spaces. Change the vacuum heads to suit your needs and get rid of the debris in a disposable bag. When not in use, hang the vacuum on a hook by its handle for convenient storage. With all this high-tech help, your culinary tasks go from being a chore to a pleasure in an instant.

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