The family chef deserves a little love. Hardworking moms and dads balance the demands of work with their desire to give their kids the very best. Even though they may be tired, they still take it upon themselves to create nutritious meals for their family. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that everyone can sit around the dining room table for a meal, but the smile on their kids’ faces makes it worth it. west elm respects those sacrifices, and we want to help. We provide everything from accessories and organizational tools – to simplify your work – to energetic decor that infuses the kitchen with a cheerful atmosphere.
Our aprons + pot holders are practical pieces that keep you from getting burned when working around hot surfaces. And if that spaghetti sauce you’re preparing decides to bubble a bit, you don’t have to worry about messy stains on your favorite clothes. Since they’re also fashionable, our aprons elevate your status as cook when grilling outdoors in the company of friends and guests. That way everyone will know who to thank for the mouthwatering food. Our kitchen accessories also make great gifts. They provide the opportunity to tell that special someone just how much we appreciate everything they do. And, thanks to our collaboration with the FEED community, special pieces let you aid in the fight against world hunger. Each purchase provides meals for families that truly need them.