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Drinks play a bit part in any party or social occasion. A cool cocktail, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee bring a smile to the faces of guests and help you enjoy yourself a lot too. Even more, they give you the opportunity to connect with others. Sharing a drink together means trust, so it draws friends closer together and makes company feel relaxed. When you prepare a cocktail for your guests, they’re impressed, you’re delighted and the afternoon or evening turns out great. At west elm, we know that it feels awesome when you get to host an amazing party. We want to make it as easy as possible to put your personal spin on things and have fun. Our bar tools are a big help when it comes to preparation, presentation and ambience. Looking for some tips, tricks and suggestions for serving incredible drinks? Here are a few ideas.

One thing that has a big impact on the way a drink tastes is temperature. What’s the right temperature for serving wine and spirits? Well, that’s actually a personal choice. You decide how you enjoy drinks the most. Take coffee, for example: some people prefer it piping hot and others ice-cold instead. You can even add a splash of peach schnapps or whiskey. The same thing goes for any other kind of alcohol, from vodka to rum. When you’re sitting down after work, enjoying a drink at your favorite temperature can either be very refreshing or a little soothing.

That said, guests don’t always have the same temperature tastes as you. Of course, if you want to show someone how surprisingly tasty a drink is when served ice-cold, lightly chilled or even warm, go right ahead. Introducing visitors to new experiences is one of the most enjoyable parts of entertaining. What are some common temperatures to serve wine and other alcohol?

For fruity wines and dessert wines, many connoisseurs recommend going cold, between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The same thing goes for sparkling drinks and champagne. That way you detect the soft citrus and other sweet notes very easily. White wines and lighter red wines are also commonly served chilled, at around 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit. Full-bodied red wine tastes amazing at close to room temperature or very slightly chilled, depending on how warm it is outside. That way you perceive all the complex notes and flavors present. Experiment with your favorite varieties to decide how you want to serve them.

What about cocktail temperatures? There are tons of different kinds of drinks, and that means tons of ways to enjoy them. Some people prefer martinis ice-cold, and others like them at room temperature. That also applies to sipping fine alcohol like aged rum, vodka, whiskey and Scotch, brandy and others. What are your options if you want to serve drinks chilled?

Some hosts like to put glasses in the freezer or fridge ahead of time. That produces an attractive appearance of ice or frost on the tips of glasses or copper mugs. Combining cold beer with an ice-cold mug is usually a winning combination. It gets friends excited during backyard barbeques, sports parties or when just kicking back and laughing together. Ice cubes are another way to chill cocktails and spirits quickly and easily. Actually, there are a couple of different possibilities when it comes to picking out cubes for your drinks.

The traditional ice cube is straightforward and comfortable. Square ice cubes stack nicely, giving drinks an artistic quality as they swirl through the glass. Another way to make a big statement is with spherical ice. The round shape looks cool – no pun intended – and fits beautifully into a highball or rocks glass with whiskey, brandy or a cocktail. There are also stone or stainless-steel cubes that chill drinks quickly and add a modern twist. Is there any other difference between these types of cubes? Well, they differ when it comes to water. Spherical ice melts more slowly than cubes of ice, and stainless-steel cubes don’t release water into a drink at all. If you have several types on hand, it’s easy to adapt to specific drinks.

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