Breakfast may be the most important meal, but it is your morning coffee that kick starts the day. With coffee and tea products from west elm, such as coffee percolators, espresso machines and serving ware, it is possible to take the grind out of making coffee, and you have the chance to brew up some special new ways to present hot beverages when guests come to call. An attractive collection of coffee mugs, with a matching French press and milk jug, is a wonderful way to dress up your tabletop to make any gathering of friends extra special; and a bubbling percolator provides a fresh aroma for a homely feeling that makes everyone feel relaxed. Of course, no coffee morning is complete with cake or cookies, so pick out some suitable serveware. Choose plain trays and cake stands for a minimalist style, or choose bold colors and patterns if you want to create a sense of vibrancy and fun.
When you are dressing the table for guests, your choice of linen is just as important as your choice of coffee beans. A simple tablecloth is clean and neat, and serves as a plain canvas for some funky flatware and bright mugs, while adding a woven runner and matching placemats creates a natural and inviting ambience that is ideal for traditional homes. Whatever your style, and whatever your taste in hot beverages, by cleverly selecting complementary serving products, mugs, and linen, it is possible to make every coffee morning a masterpiece.