Coffee and Tea Tools

Whether you're passionate about pour overs or choosy when it comes to chai, at west elm we have coffee and tea tools for brown beverage devotees. Cool or hot, coffee and tea are mainstays in so many daily rituals. Freshly roasted beans and oolong leaves are rooted in our daily routines. Although preparing coffee and tea requires so little, these beverages mean so much. Water and plant remnants are such simple ingredients. Yet, when combined they delight the senses, soothe the soul and even bear witness to conversations. There are emotional and medicinal benefits to drinking coffee and tea. Then there are the sensory and epicurean aspects of coffee and tea consumption. It just feels good.

Enhance your coffee and tea rituals with beautiful serveware, featured among our tabletop offerings. Cup and saucer combos are available with most of the new styles in the dinnerware collections. Complement a dinnerware collection with drinkware. Choose from glass or porcelain pitchers that coordinate with bowls, plates and other serveware. Double-walled glass carafes and cups can keep coffees and teas cold or hot.

Nearly every perfect brew of coffee or tea begins with hot water. Select a sleek and durable kettle with a built-in temperature gauge that can be heated on a stovetop. Choose a gooseneck spout for manual brewing such as the French press, pour overs or loose leave tea brewers. If you prefer, try an electric kettle, coffee machine or single-serve system. Pour over drip systems and tea infusers are also available in glass or stainless-steel.

No coffee break or tea time is complete without the perfect cup. Those who like to gulp down their morning joe can choose from mugs in a variety of colors and styles. For casual dining, consider artsy glazed pottery, funky stoneware, plain white porcelain or rustic copper. Mugs come in solid colors, patterns or fun prints. You can also mix and match mugs based on a kitchen color scheme or dining room theme. Geometric patterns work well with the modern or eclectic design. Sleek and glossy finishes can seem more formal. Cups with metallic trim can be used for festive occasions.

Keep coffee beans and tea leaves fresh in food storage canisters. Canisters are available in stoneware, glass and copper. Like with mugs, canisters can reinforce kitchen or dining room decor.

Although coffee and tea habits are perfectly fine enjoyed alone, add a little flavor to your favorite brew by inviting friends over. Host an afternoon tea complete with mouth-watering treats arranged on an eye-catching tablecloth. Incorporate afternoon or high tea into your outdoor entertaining. Enjoy iced coffee or tea on the lanai, the backyard deck or poolside. Use a beverage dispenser. Don't forget the tea towels, lovely linens for quick cleanup.

Perhaps because tea takes its place as the hot beverage of choice in the afternoon, coffee remains the go-to after dinner accompaniment. Serve with cup and saucer along with decadent desserts. Or prepare frothy milk espresso drinks in tall mugs. Turn cool evenings into comfy gatherings with a hot toddy or vanilla latte.

Protect furniture and other surfaces with coasters that can blend in with any decor. Consider presenting coffee or tea to guest on a serving tray. Available in glass, acrylic, lacquered, marble and mirrored finishes, serving trays can also be used as a canvas to display coffee and tea serveware as accessories in a room.

Coffee and tea are meant to be shared with family and friends. From small villages in Ethiopia to elaborate weddings in India, these drinks are ever present in our celebrations, traditions, and special occasions. Having the right tools makes sharing these warm moments as easy as they are memorable.