Cutting Boards and Cutlery

Outfit your kitchen with new prep tools and accessories including knives and cutting boards made of quality materials that provide you with years of functionality. Choose from chef’s knives, Santoku and paring knives made of stainless-steel or carbon blades. Order knife sets that look as good as they cut with both traditional and modern knife storage units included with some cutlery sets. Cutting boards and cutlery selected by us at west elm meet our exacting standards for style and performance. When you choose knives from our collection, you receive exceptionally styled knives that feel good in your hand and look terrific on your countertop or buffet table.

Update your charcuterie supplies with a new cutting board in a rustic, contemporary or mixed-material design. Wood and marble combined in one cutting board make a completely flexible kitchen tool. The wood portion of the cutting board makes a suitable cutting and slicing surface while the marble section retains coolness to keep meats and cheeses fresh when serving appetizers or after-dinner bites. Cutting boards mix and match with our other wood and marble kitchen accessories to create a kitchen outfitted with charm and sophistication. Order a smaller cutting board for your beverage or bar prep area to cut lemons easily and create other cocktail garnishes.

Let your inner chef shine with cutting boards and cutlery that are handsome and highly useful kitchen utensils in their own right. The best knives make a world of difference in when fine dicing for salsa or making julienne cuts for stir-fry. High-quality cutting boards and cutlery help you fine-tune your knife skills and serve food with panache. Whether you’re slicing poultry for dinner presentation or cutting up fruit for a salad, the right knife makes the job easy.

Our selection of countertop knife sets, organization and food storage items stand at the ready to help you prepare for your next meal or big party. Copper, wood, marble and stoneware pieces accent the countertop and fit in naturally next to our knife storage sets that keep your cutlery close at hand. Acacia wood cutlery stands feature acrylic fronts that let you see which knife you’re pulling out of the holder. We offer these and other cutlery stands to safely and securely store a total of up to 13 knives.

Treat yourself to cutting boards and cutlery in a variety of sizes to handle all your kitchen cutting tasks. Knives should be considered a valuable part of your cookware and bakeware equipment, especially if you use them every day to peel apples, chop vegetables for soups and stews, slice bread for sandwiches and perform dozens of other food prep duties. Give yourself an edge in the kitchen with new, reliable blades that fit nicely in your hand. Choose knives with weighted handles for better grip and control when cutting food. The extra heft helps balance the knives when you hold them so you make precise, measured cuts exactly where you want them every time. Santoku and chefs’ knives are made for slicing, dicing and mincing. The Santoku knife may come with a straight knife edge for making exact cuts in a variety of foods. A curved edge on a chef’s knife makes it easy to rock the blade back and forth when cutting longer strips of food or mincing herbs.

Our cutting boards and cutlery wash up easily with mild dish detergent and water. After washing, simply dry the knives with a clean dish towel, so everything is clean and ready to help you prep food for the next meal or special occasion. If you use your knives regularly, they’ll need sharpening once or twice per year to keep the edges sharp.