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Dining Trays

Inspire your inner host or hostess and celebrate life with tools and serveware that make entertaining a breeze. At west elm, we know how important it is to have the right tools to entertain while also expressing your style and personality. Our dining trays make it easy to serve up a quick family dinner in front of the television or deliver hors d’oeuvres and main courses to the dining table for a fancy get together. Set yourself up for a successful evening and use our dining trays to transport everything from salt and pepper shakers to main courses directly to the tabletop with a striking appearance.

Start the evening off right with dining trays that accent your coffee and tea sets for an afternoon tea time or before dinner aperitifs. Our lacquer trays offer a shimmering finish that adds a touch of luxury and shine to your dining table. Transport your guests back in time with traditional metal-rimmed trays that inspire the look of fine dining. Add a touch of funky fun with uniquely shaped trays such as triangles and hexagons. Reflect light and highlight your tea and coffee sets with a mirrored tray that will be the center of attention.

Our dining trays are the ideal pieces of serveware whether you are using them to display appetizers and snacks or to deliver drinks to your guests. Opt for a wooden tray to keep things classic and simple or treat your guests to a laugh with trays featuring comical sayings and topics. Enamel trays pair well with ceramic dishes and glasses and offer a stunning, smooth appearance to any meal. Mix and match trays to create the best-possible look and make sure to choose trays that feature your preferred handles so you can grip and transport even the heaviest meals easily.

When it comes to serving up appetizers, cutting boards are a classic and laid-back way to invite your guests to sample light treats before dinner. Use a cutting board and cheese knife to display hard or soft cheeses and crackers that will delight your friends and family. Opt for a combination wood and marble cutting board so you can use the wooden part to cut slices of cheese or cold cuts and the smooth, marble side to keep grapes and apples cool. Acrylic trays are a terrific choice for outdoor dining and are durable and shatterproof so you don’t have to worry about them standing up to the elements outside.

Entertaining your friends and family involves serving up delicious cocktails and mocktails that everyone will love. We make your job a little easier with dining trays and tray stands that allow you to move the bar exactly where you need. Elegantly display bottles of wine or mixers and drinks alongside glasses for easy access. Our tray stands also double as mini dining tables that you can use in front of the television to watch a big game on a laid-back Sunday with the whole family. Tray stands are a suitable option for smaller spaces as they fold up and can be stored out of the way, freeing up floor space when you need it most.

Our tray selection includes bar tools and trays that make preparing drinks for an indoor or outdoor party quick and easy. Stock up on ice cube trays to keep drinks chilly on even the hottest days. If you are using dining trays largely to deliver drinks, make sure to opt for a tray that features a rim or lip so that glasses can’t easily slide off the edge. Trays that feature vertical handles are ideal for delivering drinks as they can easily be set down without a lot of maneuvering, making them ideal for your favorite bartender.

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