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5 Classic Kitchen Decor Themes

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It's in that very room that you unite with your family, cook delicious meals and catch up on your day-to-day. For all those reasons and more, it's incredibly important for a kitchen to transcend its functional role. The stove, fridge, dishwasher and cabinets are important, to be sure, but the decoration is equally so. Your home should reflect your taste and personality. Take a look at some of these inspired themes and styles to let your interior design vision come to life.

Kitchen Decoration by Style

The trending styles and themes in most homes today are retro, modern, Parisian-inspired, bistro and glam. The great part about this is a few key items can completely anchor the look you're going for and transform your space to suit your taste. west elm carries a wide array of statement pieces and stylish decoration to help you achieve the appeal you desire.

Retro Kitchen Decor

A retro interior design evokes a deep sense of nostalgia. You can choose from pure retro or a retro fusion that blends vintage decorations and furnishings with modern visuals. Retro kitchens are a veritable boiling pot of statement pieces, favoring pop art prints and pop culture references. Exposed kitchen shelves, specialty wallpaper, colorful floor tiles, and wall decals are the best tools at your disposal.

Color palette tip: a retro kitchen is often a true kaleidoscope of color schemes. Bold, vivacious colors like red, blue, orange, green and black coupled with a glossy finish are amazing.

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Modern Kitchen Styles

A modern interior design is cutting-edge and sleek. Functionality and visual appeal go hand in hand in crafting this design, so you'll often see kitchens styled in the modern fashion feature breakfast bars, islands and boast eye-catching surfaces. Stainless steel appliances and glass trimmings are just a few of a modern theme's staple characteristics. You can also supplement the look with some stone or wood embellishments. Most importantly, modern interiors put a premium on adequate lighting so investing in light fixtures for your shelves and cabinets helps compose the space.

Color palette tip: neutral and muted colors mesh seamlessly with modern kitchens. Think off-white walls or subtle alternative color combinations.

Parisian-inspired Kitchens

The iconic French style has never been (and will never be) unfashionable. Imagine being surrounded by vivid imagery of the vibrant French capital. Close your eyes and you can almost taste the rich cuisine and smell the Parisian urban bustle. When decorating your kitchen to achieve the Parisian aesthetic, consider landscape shots of sprawling vistas of Paris as well as prints of the striking monuments that the city is known for: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Pantheon and so many others.

Color palette tip: focus on contrast and darker tones. White, black, gray and soft pink go great with the scenic features of the Parisian style.

Bistro Kitchen Designs

Bistro is a concept as much as a decorative theme. The aesthetic hails from France, where locals grab a bite quickly in a cozy environment. The space should exude culture and good taste while also maintaining an intimate vibe. A bistro-inspired kitchen has plenty of eclectic furnishings and landscape shots. Wood furniture with a red or burgundy finish is also appropriate for bistro spaces and comfortable chair cushions and seating arrangements are a must.

Color palette tip: stick with dark shades and earthy tones like brown and beige. By optimizing the natural light your kitchen receives, you can enjoy the benefits of a striking color combination.

Glam Kitchen Decorations

The glam style is all about luxury and a touch of fabulous. Oversized accessories, metallic finishes and mirrored or extravagant surfaces are all par for the course in a glam kitchen. Marble counters or kitchen tops crafted in dark colors are the standard. The goal of the glam aesthetic is to give a vibe of elegance and refined tastes. Small spotlights to make the furniture pop are a plus.

Color palette tip: somber tones work best with a glam theme. Some artistic flourishes like gold trimmings are also very effective.

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