Dish towels are a quick and practical addition to any kitchen as they are useful in keeping the dishes dry. Find highly absorbent towels made from linen, cotton and microfiber that are functional and long-lasting. They also help in adding a pop of color to your kitchen. west elm’s collection features adorable dish towels in a variety of styles and patterns to blend with your other kitchen towels. Set a chic table within a blink of an eye with table napkins that are perfect for both casual and formal settings. Opt for sets that complement your dinnerware including modern designs and colorful sets to enhance any dining table. You can pick those made from cotton, jute or linen blend. Some napkins come with rings that allow you to add flare to your table. Look clean and colorful in the kitchen with kitchen aprons. Choose from those made of sturdy cotton twill designed for a busy kitchen or you can give them as gifts to a friend who loves cooking. Prep the table for your guests with tablecloths and placements that are stylish and fun. They help to protect your dining table from stains and spills when hosting a family dinner or guests. Additionally, they are easy to clean and durable, making them ideal for regular use.