Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

At west elm, we know how important it is for you to have the right tools to organize every room in your home from the bathroom to living room to the kitchen. Our kitchen cleaning supplies ensure you can create delicious, healthy meals without spending a lot of time and effort cleaning up afterward. Serve up gourmet meals or quick dinners and focus on spending time with your loved ones since cleanup is a breeze. Keep the dining table neat with cloth napkins that make it easy to wipe off sticky hands and mop up spills and drips while remaining stylish and decorative.

Our kitchen cleaning supplies also ensure that your floor surfaces stay neat and clean during food prep in the kitchen and meal times in the dining room. Opt for electrics and vacuums including handheld options that help you clean up in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Our hand vacuums offer professional-quality cleaning in a compact, durable body. State-of-the-art construction includes high-powered motors that provide turbo power that, combined with rotating brushes, means you won’t miss a speck. For hard-to-reach places or tight corners, make sure to select a vacuum that features a movable arm so you can maneuver around obstacles like chair and table legs easily.

Keep the kitchen organized and easily find all the tools you need to serve up delicious meals with kitchen countertop accessories. Kitchen canisters are ideal for holding everything from your most used ingredients to utensils. Opt for lidded canisters to store flour, seeds and cereals for easy access in a stylish container. Open utensil holders are a great way to keep all of you spatulas, whisks and spoons organized and within easy reach. Utensil holders are particularly useful when your hands are wet as you can grab exactly what you need without having to open drawers or dig around in them.

Mop up spills at the dining table and keep your workspace in the kitchen clean and dry with paper towels and kitchen towels. Paper towel holders are useful when your hands are wet or busy with a couple of things at the same time. You can grab enough to absorb spills or just to keep a cutting surface dry. Kitchen towels are great for drying hands after rinsing and can useful in food prep to cover rising dough or keep a casserole warm until the family has gathered around the table.

Entertaining your friends and family is a delightful affair, and you can do it night after night since our kitchen cleaning supplies make tidying up afterward a breeze. Serve up elegant aperitifs before your dinner party or enjoy a nightcap and keep everything you need at hand with bar carts and storage. Place a drying rack or drying mat right on top of your bar or bar cart so you can display glassware and let it dry once everyone has headed home for the night. Make sure to stock towels and opt for a standing paper towel holder for rolling bar carts so you can move the bar exactly where your guests want it.

Keeping the kitchen and dining room neat and organized is all about the tools as well as the furniture. Keep all of your cleaning supplies within arm’s reach, but hidden from guests’ view with buffets and hutches that are suitable for storage. Opt for a buffet or hutch with solid-wood doors for a rustic look, or choose one with glass-front doors that you can use to display dishes while hiding cleaning supplies in drawers. Tea towels are a terrific way to keep cleaning supplies on hand while vibrant hues and bold prints turn them into kitchen and dining room decor.

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