Experienced chefs know that one of the keys to quick food preparation lies in keeping cutting surfaces clean and uncluttered. It’s a lot easier to cook when everything is in its place. That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking a bowl containing important ingredients onto the floor because of not having enough room to work. And you can also find the tools and accessories you need much faster. west elm provides everything today’s busy household chef needs to maintain countertops neatly organized and spotless. That way, even if you’ve just come home from work, it won’t be hard to whip something up relatively quickly. Paper towel holders are useful when your hands are wet or busy with a couple of things at the same time. You can easily grab enough to absorb accidental spills or just to keep a cutting surface dry.
The same can be said for hands-free trash bins. Fruit and vegetable peelings and more can be swept effortlessly into the garbage without having to manipulate anything with your hands. And, thanks to our sense of style, you can be sure that all of our kitchen accessories are also very attractive. There’s no need to have an ordinary trash bin that sticks out like a sore thumb. Instead, opt for one of our sleek models in stainless-steel to harmonize with the rest of your modern kitchen appliances. Or choose a bright red metal trash can that adds a touch of chic to the room. A kitchen island doesn’t only add counter space, it also provides a place for cheery floral decorations that make time go by faster when cooking or washing dishes.