Keeping an orderly kitchen plays a key role in making it easy to find what you need and cleaning up quickly. Cluttered countertops make a kitchen seem smaller and messier than it is and get in the way when preparing meals. west elm has a wide variety of organizational accessories that help you take control of your kitchen tools and accents allowing you to reduce clutter and find a place for everything.
Every home chef needs a good set of Cook’s Tools like utensils and measuring spoons to complete everyday tasks. However, many of these items are large and take up quite a bit of space. Utensil holders provide an easy way to corral these pieces into one small space. Available in a variety of finishes from wood to stainless steel, it is easy to find one to coordinate with any kitchen design.
Organize cleaning supplies to keep them out of the way with tools like Paper Towel Holders that mount to the wall or fit in the corner of the counter. Foldable dish drying racks offer convenience as they easily store in a drawer or cabinet when not in use.
Cookbook Stands and Recipe Card Boxes make excellent gifts for home chefs and they make it easy to store recipes and stay focused while cooking. Get your countertops organized with accessories that make keeping everything in its place simple.