Kitchen Essentials by Material

When choosing essential accessories for your kitchen, such as cutting boards and knife blocks, make sure you go for high quality materials that ensure prolonged use over many years. Consider choosing materials that match the decor of your kitchen where possible as well. Three exceptional materials are marble, copper and wood. At west elm, we have numerous kitchen items in each of these durable and attractive materials. Search for your kitchen essentials by material to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly, and you may even see some items you hadn’t thought of.

A marble surface is naturally cool, and this property makes it ideal for use as a cheese board. A solid marble cheese board looks stylish, and brass or copper handles make it easy to carry to the table, which is handy due to its substantial weight. It also doubles up as a serving board and keeps meat and fruit spreads cool as well as cheese.

A combined wood and marble cheese board allows for different uses. Food stays cool on the marble section while it can be cut or sliced on the wooden part. Wine goes well when paired with cheese, so enjoy a chilled glass when you place the bottle in a cooler. The marble cooler ensures the bottle retains its serving temperature. A marble wine coaster protects your table from condensation or accidental drips.

Want a way to roll out pastry dough without it sticking to the surface? A marble pastry slab solves this problem as it remains cool and prevents the dough from adhering to it. Crush and grind spices, nuts, garlic and other ingredients using a pestle and mortar. The strong marble material withstands the continuous pounding and is resistant to scratching or other marks.

Keep your kitchen utensils in a marble holder. This keeps your essential kitchen tools on hand while you’re preparing food and looks stylish on the countertop. It’s also convenient to keep paper towels on a marble holder.

Copper is elegant in any kitchen, whether designed in a traditional or modern manner. The shiny metal has an attractive gleam and is easy to keep clean with a simple wipe of a cloth. Keep dried foods, such as pasta or rice, stored in copper-coated canisters on the countertop. A copper wire bowl with patterned sides is a pretty way to hold and display your favorite fruits.

Pop the kettle on to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you’re cooking the family meal. The copper finish has a rustic appeal. When you’ve finished, wash up your cup and put it on a copper wire dish rack to dry. Its folding design means it can be easily stored away when not in use.

Copper has exceptional heat conductivity and spreads heat evenly. That’s why you can’t go wrong with copper cookware in your kitchen. Keep a selection of pans in your kitchen drawer for frying, sautéing, searing and browning.

When entertaining, Moscow Mule mugs with a copper finish are a fun alternative to glasses. Mix the cocktails using copper bar tools. A cocktail set also makes for a great gift.

Protect your tables and surfaces from accidental drips using wood coasters. Natural olivewood is attractive and the wood grains make each one unique. Petrified wood is unusual and looks striking. When attending a party, give your host or hostess a petrified wood cheese board for a distinctive gift.

For a rustic touch in a kitchen with traditional style, wood cutting boards and serving boards are ideal. Olivewood has an attractive wood grain and all solid wood boards are durable to withstand continuous slicing and cutting. A precut hole in the top makes the boards easy to hang up on a hook when not in use.

A knife block is an attractive way to store your essential kitchen knives and keeps them conveniently in one place for easy access. Build up your sharp knife collection with a chef’s knife, a Santoku knife, a paring knife and more. Don’t forget to invest in a set of steak knives. The stainless-steel blades are complemented by the rich wood handles.

Having used your kitchen essentials to prepare and serve the meal, season the dishes with pepper from a crushed bamboo grinder and sit back to savor the flavors.

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