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At west elm, we know how important it is to get the details right when designing your home and hosting your friends and family. Our collection of napkins ensures your parties, outdoor barbecues and events are a complete success and reflect your personality and style. Choose from woven, linen, metallic and embroidered napkins that lend an elegant style to your table. Make sure to pair napkins with place mats and tablecloths to protect wood table surfaces and create a cohesive look for a fancy dinner party. For a simple, understated look, opt for solid colored napkins to make your existing decor or go bold with vibrant prints and geometric designs. Make sure to select napkin rings to complement your style and instantly dress up your table. Additionally, some napkins come in a set that includes ring sets of different style and design making your job even easier.

Perfect your job as host or hostess and express your personality with aprons that you can pair with our napkins to create a cohesive look. Aprons are practical pieces that help you avoid burns in the kitchen and keep your stunning outfit clean for when you sit down and enjoy the party. Make a fun statement with a colorful apron or go for a put-together appearance by choosing a color in the same color family as your napkins and place mats. You can even get the whole family in on the fun with adjustable aprons that fit the tallest and shortest members of your family easily.

Hosting parties or arranging a delightful dinner for the whole family is a fun affair when you have the right tools. Prepare to tackle any mess and keep things neat by stocking your kitchen with kitchen towels including hand, glassware, counter and dish towels. If you enjoy meals in an open kitchen and dining room, you can match your towels to your napkins for a seamless look or mix up the spaces with contrasting patterns and colors. Depending on your specific kitchen task needs, opt for lint-free or absorbent towels.

Whether you’re designing the table for a family gathering, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, or creating a basic look that can tackle everything from daily dinners to entertaining events, you’ll find the tools you need right here. Napkins are a terrific way to add functionality and style to your table and help you keep the space clean. You can even fold napkins to create the look of padded place mats and set your dinnerware sets directly on top if you are short of space in the dining room. If you have a large dining room or are preparing a larger gathering, you can choose different napkin colors and designs to delineate meals from appetizers to dinner to dessert.

No dinner party or meal is complete without striking glassware that adds subtle shimmer and style to the table. If you want a vibrant look that evokes the essence of summer, pair blue, cloth napkins with colored glassware that will make your table pop. If you are preparing for an outdoor brunch or barbecue, choose acrylic glassware that won’t shatter and pair with cloth napkins that won’t fly away like traditional disposable napkins, even on the windiest days.

Part of the fun of decorating your home and dinner table is making the space all your own. Our napkins are customizable and you can make your mark with monograms that make every meal feel special. Opt for a monogram of your family’s initials to create a space honoring the ones you love. For special occasions, choose monograms that highlight weddings, family reunions and birthdays and use napkins as guest favors that they can take home to remember the special day.

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