When it is time to pop the cork and celebrate your award-winning wine collection, the wide selection of bar carts and wine storage solutions from west elm is the ideal starting point. In many homes, the most convenient and effective storage method is a wine cabinet: An attractive piece of furniture well-suited to living spaces where young children play and it is essential to keep wines and spirits safely locked up. However, in a bachelor pad or trendy loft apartment, take the opportunity to transform wine into art with a cool wall-mounted rack. Something in metal, with a distressed finish, has the right tone for an apartment with industrial decor, while a rustic wooden rack is a better choice for traditional environments.
When it is time to serve your wine to guests, a wine cart is an elegant and well-mannered method. Take the time to complement your wine choice with carefully selected accents, dressing your cart with some flowers in a decorative vase to create an elegant vignette that speaks of subtle style and sophistication. Finally, pick suitable wine glasses. Clear glasses make it easier to appreciate the color of the wine, and a large bowl size allows for a fair measure while still leaving plenty of room to swirl the wine without spilling. With well-chosen wine, presented immaculately in a neat storage solution, and offered to guests in aesthetically beautiful yet functional glasses, you define yourself as a host or hostess with effortless elegance, and a nose for the finer things in life.